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I wake up to read that gamers are upset about character development in Guilty Gear, which they’ll be angry about for all of one week and then find something else pointless and silly to be upset about
And then I return to my slumber

I’m being asked to stream the new mortuary game because it’s ‘strictly educational’ and doesn’t have any horror elements. Lol

I want to do more writing on how some games hit at different parts of my brain depending on my emotional/mental health lately, but all the drafts I do in my head just sound so goddamn wordy and full of itself.
then of course, who's gonna read it lol

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*had a long series of posts about my declining sense of 'good' lately and how co-op in games is keeping that spark relatively alive*
*found there's no way to word it without sounding like a pretentious git*
*buries phone in a canyon*

Between two people, I got summoned about 8 times to help with Rennala's fight in Elden Ring. Figure if they weren't about to give up on that fight, I wasn't about to give up on trying to help them

Apparently last night's stream was too good; Twitch won't let me make an archive of it

Doing a workout in the morning then a solid walk in the afternoon = Ya boy is hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtin'

I'm not sure if I'm going to be leaping at Cult of the Lamb right away. The cutesy front and dark undertones make me worried things will get REALLY inappropiate/uncomfortable for the sake of a joke, and these games often miss their shot entirely when it comes to tone

Yeah, they could've eased up on the copyright stuff to make it look more classy, but still

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Seems like picking up the Switch Online Expansion was beneficial, because when I dipped to Nintendo's website I had enough platinum points scratched together to let me pick up some Animal Crossing coasters designed after Brewster's cafe and they're DELIGHTFUL

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Maaaaaan. I probably should look into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but I'm worried I'll burn out on it like I did with 1 and 2. Never truly felt like I was in any sort of control or command of the team; was more like I was leading a chaotic MMO party instead

Reads like the second batch of Mario Kart 8 DLC has been a jam compared to the first. Reckon it's hightime I pick it up because

If I want to play co-op, I shouldn't have to worry about other rival players with infinite health. Nuts as this sounds, but contending with rival players with stupidly overpowered loadouts and cheaters ain't my idea of fun.

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You'd think something that can be easily broken or exploited to no end would simply get fixed or omitted, but nope, they just keep incentivizing the worst mechanic across these games to just get worse and worse and-

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pvp in elden ring/fromsoft games is still the worst fucking thing in gaming since overwatch


"If you don't comment on political issues, you're complacent!"
"No one wants to hear anything from another white guy."
Kind of hard to be mad at me for both things if there's no way to find a 'winning' option.

Feels like food 'tubers are less being about cookery and education recently, and more about 'hey look at how much expense money we can piss away'

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