Overall this update reads like it should've been dropped right after 1.0 in terms of all the tweaks, adjustments and quality-of-life aspects, but hayyyyyyyl, Dutch, I'll take it either way

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@Nonbinussy did someone say monster hunter
heavy bowgun builds???
Hunting Horn(y) on Main?!

Joke attempting to uplift 

@Nonbinussy Could start doing videos with me where we talk about feet during multiplayer Deep Rock Galactic sessions and- wait where are you going

me on stream: i really like chipzel's work
youtube algorithm: hey bro, ya want some drama-bait videos about them?

got a new picture up, since I realized my room is barely decorated

@goat “My Rook to take your Knight.”
“Not without this counter-play. *Chomp*”

@Tattooed_mummy got progress made in deep rock galactic and forza horizon 5 at least
gaming progress: for our future!

so, guess how the birthday stream went
I'll give you a clue: it was in single digits!

oh. the discount code they sent me isn't valid for -anything- in their merch store. gee, thanks nintendo for that bait and switch, ya sure got me with that prank

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"33 year old men shouldn't be shopping for plu-"

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So my email is getting lit up with half-hearted birthday wishes from Your Pal, Big Corporation, but one of them was from Nintendo with a 15% discount for their online merch store.
And y'all
It has

Co-op in Forza Horizon 5 is more of a loose suggestion than a proper mode. Everyone wants to get first place, even if that's to the detriment of ramming teammates out of the way or not drafting off of one another to cement a stronger lead against the opposing team

Oh, here's a stream clip from a few nights ago. Finally. FINALLY having that song on my stream deck has paid off. clips.twitch.tv/CoySucculentSa

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