Saw someone who 'identifies as a Nazi' and has more followers than me and anyone I follow
How in the goddamn

There is a huge number of them on fedi, overwhelmingly pleroma side

@famine I know I shouldn't let this bother me, but seeing people smugly claim how to get known on here while -this- goes on is making me so tired

fedi clout hack:

Be wignat

I do think 'getting known' for its own sake isn't valuable but what do I know, I just talk to people

@famine I'll continue making dad jokes when appropriate and I'll show those gits

I'll keep posting stolen memes and pointlessly trying to have good faith conversations with schizos

@Dinoracha Like in general if you see a Nazi or extreme right winger with more than a handful of followers, the vast majority are bought. They are more popular than people think but far less popular than they pretend to be.

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