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Hello! I'm Dino (Die-No or Dee-No, either pronunciation is fine), and I guess you can call me a content creator, although it's not a full-time thing and is currently a hobby.
My focus and interest are on video games and the industry, the likes of which I've been following for over fifteen years. I make videos (currently on gameplay sessions or stream edits), streams (variety of games, chatting with people when they stop by) and writing (primarily on Medium), links to those and others which you can see on my profile table.
My goal in life is to become a writer for the gaming industry, either as a creative or critic, with side interests in voice acting and game development as well.

When trying to look up a meme's origins, I'm a little worried when knowyourmeme and reddit are the only apparent '''''credible sources''''' that come up on repeat

Fired up Cult of the Lamb's demo, and while the gameplay is fine so far, I'm still a little worried about how far it'll shove its foot into its mouth with the cult stuff. I've had enough religion-based abuse in my lifetime, and I want to avoid that if it gets played for laughs

Ever since it came out that Audacity leaks your info/recordings, doesn't seem like there are many good alternatives in terms of smoothing out the audio. I'm better off recording vocal stuff through OBS since that already had a compressor/limiter in place

When you see someone with banger toots but they’re on an instance you’ve blocked because they’re cool with being homophobes

I'm quickly running out of steam with Bear and Breakfast. For all the charm and delight, the actual gameplay of it has become a tear-jerking slog. I couldn't care less if there are apparently ways to hire staff, the dull busy work leading up to that is long, dull and repetitive.
It seems like it's trying to ride mostly off its charm to keep you playing, since the management part of the game ultimately wants you to stuff as many rooms together and fill it with as much tat as possible to meet arbitrary guest requirements.
I'm not hosting guests, I'm hosting picky automatons where my input beyond that hardly matters other than scraping as much revenue as possible while slugging my way to the next mechanic.

Splatoon 3 has a dab?
Well, I guess that's day one purchase for me.

WELP. The new patch for Elden Ring has been a waste of time. Co-op is clocked to under two minutes before I'm guaranteed a connection error to take place.

Had a delightful little moment in Elden Ring from helping someone take on a major boss:

Here's that archive. I've been combating another bout of sickness so there are periods here where I was more 'without a filter' than usual:

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Saw someone who 'identifies as a Nazi' and has more followers than me and anyone I follow
How in the goddamn

Geez. Capcom really could've made the new cosmetic stuff tied to unlocks/quests/gameplay loops. The event quests for cosmetic stuff dries up in record time, so nickle and diming for DLC is a weeeeeeeeee bit scummy.

Long post, mention of advised self-harm 

There’s a worry I have when people base their interactions (and sometimes respect) around a persons’ profile. Sure, not wanting to make time for someone with an empty one makes sense, but then policing if they don’t have specific information listed?
I’m so tired about hearing that ‘people will only like you/want to interact with you/etc if you list your pronouns’ for example, because this only works for people already in their circle or instance.
The only thing I’ve ever gotten from listing that I’m he/him is being called a cunt and told to kill myself; not once has anyone said they wanted to interact because I listed them.

Was bound to happen eventually. The rare instance of a rando staying in chat during Elden Ring streams, but the kind of fuckhead who tries to order me around with paying me a single penny

I shaved, so uh.
The Big Handsome has arrived.

Ooh, Two Point Campus got released on Game Pass. Hoping this improved over Hospital, because eventually that game felt less about managing the problems and more about packing rooms with as much tat as possible for the sake of ranking up

Heyyy, Vsauce! Dino here!
Where did it all go wrong?

got a million-dollar idea: what if cars
but not?

Youtube: Hey, we noticed you briefly talked about exercise on social media. That's why we're only going to recommend snarky, borderline abusive exercise and fitness personalities to you know!
Me: Wh-
Youtube: You will like it. YOU WILL LIKE IT.

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