Narrator: Apparently, he's back from a prolonged hiatus, again.

Shite-posting might be lurking in the corner. Hola amigos!

@AKParmar1977 Welcome to Mastodon; glad to have you here...

@sanjayuvacha @musafir Convinced him to come across to M, so please give him a warm welcome

My standard group here is: @VivekT @wabbster @pursephoney @Vishsai @Dinkachekan @TheDonkeySays, @shinjini @toocleverbyhalf @Iwalkalone
@viv @bumbleebee @Bloodyatheist @Battrebeet

and many more mischief makers

@stux @Gargon
are the great folks behind M...

Hope you enjoy your time here...

Watching Marriage Story tonight. Will definitely cry. :ablobdj:

ROFL! I Went to Hogwarts for Seven Years and Did Not Learn Math or Spelling, and Now I Can’t Get a Job

Rallies, Public Meetings Act as Safety Valve, Cops Can't Deny Nod Citing Law & Order: Bombay HC

Our High Courts through repeated orders/judgements uphold the fundamental rights instill some ray of hope, especially when Apex Court disappoints

Spent 15 minutes in favoriting the toots out of a LOOOOONNGGG thread. Feels good to be back.
Conversations! ❤️

A collage of two pictures of a cat that visits my home during lunch.


For those who think CAA should be accepted because it is legal.

I realised I didn't do an #introduction after moving here.

I'm an almost 33 year old South Asian who writes code for a living.

I enjoy pro-wrestling, heavy metal, cooking, reading, making puns, making acquaintances all around the world etc.

I don't trust governments, irrespective of whether I voted them in or not.

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