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I toot about the truths of universe in guise of shiteposting. If you fail to understand that, that's on you.

Saw a super cute guy at sangeet yesterday but was too tired to initiate a conversation. Today he isn't present at the wedding. So the guy in navy blue kurta and black jacket who was drunk dancing on the table, I hope you're reading this.

If you eat a chicken named broccoli, then technically you ate veggies.

Your brain ever throws a random word at you, like Badruddin Tayabji, and you don't remember why it's relevant but you can't google it because you wanna remember it yourself, and you keep thinking about it for hours?

Heliogábalo fue uno de los emperadores romanos más extravagantes

What does your crush call you in privacy?

- Your crush calls you?

I have not told you that I am (loads revolver, takes aim, shoots point blank) Chikatilo

No os he contado que soy (se pone el pijama) vago?

I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify that MOMO IS NOT A CHINESE DISH!!!!!
It's himalayan in is widely prepared in North East and Nepal and even in Ladakh and Tibet! Most of the momo belt lies in India!

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Latest gyaan from Whatsapp university: Momos will give you corona virus

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the loveliest of them all?

One with the biggest Chocolate

Guys!!!! I have some exciting news!

I’m showing a few of my paintings at a group art show in Delhi in February.

If any of you are in Delhi/NCR, it would be lovely if you could drop in.

It's good that they are updating kid stories to prepare kids for the changing times

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