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If you can't accept me at my Wurtz, you don't deserve me at my Bach

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I toot about the truths of universe in guise of shiteposting. If you fail to understand that, that's on you.

Are you spirit of my silence?
Cause I can hear you, But I'm afraid to be near you.

Paean is when people collectively pee to show gratitude for something.

"Eschew evil and do good."
- Eat all evil people, and you'd be doing good to society. Hence, eat the rich.

“If you are unaware that the world is teeming with ineptitude from the beginning, you will develop a bitter countenance, and in turn others will eschew you."
- If you turn to be an ass, others will absolutely eat you up,

“I myself eschew all stimulants. I also practically abstain from meat.”
- I do drugs but don't eat meat.

@DinkaChica Now I understand why Maggi is a favourite with students.

It's not just the affordability, but the spices in it.

I feel my interest slipping from studying yet again. Gotta spice things up somehow.

I obviously lowered my gaze, made a slight bow, and slowly moved away from his new territory.

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A humungous raven, with a wingspan of about 5 metres, flew right past me, sat down on my parapet, less than 2 metres away, looked me straight in the eyes, and made a low gurgling sound.

buddhist spend their whole lives trying to attain nirvana when i found a box set at the thrift store for 5 euros

I'm just so damn hungry I could eat the cuckoo singing in front of me.

I'm vegetarian :/

Had I died then, my last words would've been a text message about how the birds have gone ballistic due to thunderstorm.
Not the best parting words, but such a realistic representation of mundanity of life. In the grand scheme of things our goals, aspirations, successes, nothing matters. We're just a dandelion floating in the air, to perish at the slightest breeze, in the end, we might not leave any trace at all. But nature will persist.

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Waking up in the middle of some super interesting dream and then not being able to continue it later is so frustrating!

But there isn’t actually a most beautiful person in the world, because there are so many kinds of beauty.
- Rebecca Solnit

I took it's life away before it could even start properly. I'm a monster.

I unintentionally killed a baby cockroach. I just got startled. And it feels terrible.

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