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If you can't accept me at my Wurtz, you don't deserve me at my Bach

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I toot about the truths of universe in guise of shiteposting. If you fail to understand that, that's on you.

Früher hab' ich mein Herz verschenkt
Ich dachte, ich verblute
Jetzt liegt mein Herz in der Prärie
Mir ist nach gar nichts mehr zumute

When you wanna talk to people.

But not talk to them.

But really wanna talk to them.

But hate to talk to them.

Just wanna talk to the one who's already asleep.

People be asking you to talk about your mental health but when you admit you have suicidal thoughts, it somehow ends up being about them..... OKAY I get it. Wouldn't talk anymore.

wait, its ok to just compliment ppl? and that's not inherently manipulative and creepy, and they won't see it as me wanting something from them in exchange? i dont believe it

Unpopular Opinion maybe, but the whole purpose of our lockdown seems to be to ensure the rich upper class (who brought the virus to India) are saved. The middle and lower class are with limited rights and privileges, and are easily replaceable. It was never about being prepared.

In other news, a piece pf potato got struck in siblings throat. Lord provides for entertainment in mysterious ways.

An aunt attended a zoom video wedding in Chennai. Both the groom and brides parents are in different states so they took part via zoom while a family friend of the brides father arranged everything which was attended by around ten people.

Do we really need big Indian weddings?

If people start getting married virtually, no one will be able to criticize the food and the decoration and the music and the clothes and the everything else.

When I don't know what to say
When I don't know what to do
There's a room I need to sit in
Surrounded by my favorite view
And I need a hand to hold
Someone to tell the truth
Would it be okay if I came home to you?

cats are cute but they need to be put in their place

One of Einaudi's composition's sounds a lot like a Telugu song. Telugu one came 5 years before it.

Not saying that it's plagiarism, it could be a coincidence too.

Gaurav bhatia on ABP news, after a never ending "debate" on how great Modi is:

"I'd like to end with two lines-
Esi laagi lagan
Meera ho gayi magan
Vo to gali gali hari gun gaane lagi"

Bro, zyada nahi, but thoda sa to relevance k baare mai soch liya karo......

We're burning up
We're burning down
We're the ashes on the ground

Describe the male love interest in Jolene:

You can’t. He’s not described

What’s the male love interest’s name in Jolene?

Drawing a blank? He’s not named.

Jolene however has auburn hair, and emerald green eyes, and a smile like the breath of spring, and a voice like summer rain...

Hon, ditch Noname McGee, you’re in love with Jolene

Aaaaaand she probably likes you back. Why do you think she’s been hanging around you and your formless gray lump of a boyfriend?!?

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-A ver, hábleme de la nutrición de la nutria.
-La nutria se nutre de nutrientes.
-Siéntese, gracias.

Police violence in France 

On the 17th of May, cops in greater Paris chased an 18-year-old to his death. 10 days later, 5 kilometres away, a 19-year-old was killed in the same way, chased onto train tracks. Between these two murders, members of the parliament drafted up a law that would make filming cops punishable by up to one year in prison.

No "web series" but thanks to YouTube now I can watch DD old series. Though I have read entire Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay's work and have seen Bengali screen plays, but watching hindi series on his work is different experience, a very good experience I would say when great actors like Farooq Sheikh, Irrfan Khan, Tiku Talsania performed my known characters.

Watch "Shrikant | Episode 01" on YouTube

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