Help me, guys! 😔 I am trying to survive. And I don’t how to be good in my job. I need advice how to love my work 🤔😟

@Deneb_Kaitos Mhh… ok once I worked also in Sales we sold devices with Linux and I loved Linux, so I used the positive arguments of this OS and indoctrinated myself in proclaiming the positive sides of this Product and Linux. Maybe it can help to indoctrinate yourself. If you believe in something it is far easier to sell it. And being able speak fluently is also a very big plus. There is a very good movie about this "sorry to bother your" trailer:

@Deneb_Kaitos 😂 😎 Its a very good movie btw… I proposed it to 10 ppl and all of them said ahh mahh idk and after watching they all loved it 😂 👍 But jokes aside get a passion for the stuff you do look it can bring you money and learn everything about it if possible apply the stuff you sell maybe this helps :D ❤️ 🙏

@Deneb_Kaitos I know its not such a big advise butt I wish you the best👍 ❤️

@Deneb_Kaitos my work is a hobby turned into a job, so I'll always do something I enjoy. With that said, I don't think your job should be super amazing all the time, as long as you don't hate going to work.

@nvsr you’re lucky. It’s the best way to make money, but my hobby doesn’t bring sufficient money.

@Deneb_Kaitos sad! But at least you've got a job, so you can work while you look around for a job that you'll love.


if you're doing something you enjoy, that's a bonus. if you have a job, that's better than not having a job. if you have a job that doesn't make you physically ill when you think about going to work, that's a bonus.

"Let's put this into perspective: they pay me." - Khayman

just know that millions are looking for the opportunity you have. That alone can make you love your job.

@velociraptor @Jonathan @Nikolai_Kingsley oooooo, ребят, да после этих всех размышлений я на следующий день пришла и написала заявление 😁 все меня поддерживали, конечно, но все же приятно делать то, что хотя бы не противно 😂

@Deneb_Kaitos @velociraptor @Jonathan

> но все же приятно делать то, что хотя бы не противно

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