Hey folks, I'm aware that the crossposter seems to be sometimes duplicating posts coming from Twitter. I'll try to take a look at it as soon as I have some time!

-- @renatolond

Hey again, folks!

The issue should be resolved and the duplication should now stop. The issue was caused by a dependency upgrade yesterday at about 8h30 CST and I didn't detect the issues until some of you started pinging me about it today.

I implemented one extra check so that even if the problem happens again in the future, which should not be the case, it should have a smaller impact.

Sorry for the disruption!
-- @renatolond


@crossposter @renatolond When i try to log into my mastodon account i get this message?
The connection to twitter works fine

@renatolond @crossposter solved my problem the interface always asked for my e-mail. The moment i entered my username everything worked smmothly. Thnx for yor reply and have a nice day

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