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Watched Axios on HBO...Jonathan Swam interview with tRump showed us that we have clearly really the dumbest President in the White House.

Not unexpected. What we're all curious about is how far they will go to express their displeasure. trump* will do nothing to prevent the worst inclinations. Undoubtably, he will encourage them.

Americans are paying a horrendous cost for his incompetence. He deserves our condemnation.

An educator, recently, told me his district will only have online instruction. He said it's difficult keeping students engaged without personal contact.

Thirty of the children he's responsible for have just 'evaporated'. He's doing all he can to re-engage them. He discovered some students have lost both of their parents to covid. trump's miserable presidency is a misery for us all.

Don't be fooled by any October surprises this year. Barr could very well decide that some Democrat needs to be investigated two weeks before the election just as Comey did to Hillary four years ago, or announce that the Trump campaign has never been involved in any way with Russia.

Remember everything that has happened in the past four years, and that we do not want to continue down this path, no matter how Trump's toadies try to distract.

Colorado to declare racism a public health crisis after push by agency staffers to respond to protests, pandemic

Or you can vote for the guy who has gutted all clean air and water regulations and has his foot on the pedal to drive all life over a cliff. Seems like a simple choice to me.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will aim to make electricity generation carbon free by 2035 as part of a $2 trillion climate and infrastructure plan should he win the White House in November:

Trump misused that money and now the GOP wants to fix it no way should that happen. - "GOP stimulus bill would restore Pentagon money Trump used to build border wall"


I'm Tony, the administrator of this instance. Many of you know me from Twitter and followed #HeroesResist here.

Some of you met me here and are valuable new friends.

At any rate, thanks for following me and being a part of what we do.

I'm still catching up on followers and follow backs, but feel free to give a shout if I've missed you or you need help in any way.

If you'd like to join our instance, please do. Here's a copy of what we're about:


Jennie Lee, I see lots of motivated Democrats, too, and they're motivated to motivate more. Exciting!

As to the other, I really don't know, but a metal suit comes in handy, although it gets a bit dented.

Thanks for being a friend and hanging out with us. I appreciate you, too.

Don't blame you. Everyday feels like a long week, lately.

The election is just within reach, though. The Democrats are motivated. It's GOP perfidy we have to keep our tired eyes on. I don't know why so much of this fight has fallen on your shoulders, but I'm glad you're here to bear it. You, & everyone in my Mastodon Fediverse for that matter, have my respect & gratitude.

In the meantime.........where's that bourbon.........


There is absolutely no bottom to the depths this administration will sink to.

Whenever they're called on their behavior, they have nothing to defend or explain it. They must be called out on everything they do and we must get every last one out of their jobs.

DHS admits it made false statements in defense of denying Global Entry to New Yorkers - CNNPolitics

Are Trump and the GOP right that the $600 unemployment bonus is discouraging work?


There aren't jobs to go back to at this level of unemployment. There won't be new jobs created until this pandemic is under control and the Trump administration isn't capable of that. VOTE :biden2020:

This is a GOP dream. A payroll tax cut, half of which goes to business and not workers, and which seriously weakens Social Security and Medicare. 

The GOP has had a plan for decades to use high debt as an a excuse to cut these programs.

The GOP is not your friend. 

The GOP does not care about you. That isn't just Trump, that's been the GOP playbook for decades. #BothPartiesAreNotTheSamePeople
Trump demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed:

It should horrify us that Trump has learned nothing, even after all the death and suffering.

No Democrat or anti-Trump citizen can afford to be inactive. Join an effort to write postcards, text, or make calls to swing state voters, not only for the POTUS race but to flip the Senate to Democrats and keep the House. Donate.

Stop this. You can.

Coronavirus updates: Trump dismisses rising cases as deaths mount:

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