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Tony's more than our leader& mentor, he's our friend.
He's been there for each and every one of us& has never EVER let us down.
He's the glue that keeps us together.

I'll always be grateful to him for
taking me in at the beginnings of the Resistance, lost& unsure what to do, how to help, how to speak up& speak out.
He helped me find my voice& my true self.

He also introduced me to my right partner, for which I'm always grateful💕

Normal life — and the return of sports — likely won’t happen anytime soon without the below. Thread from a US Senator. (Good thread from bird site)

As this crisis goes on made worse by *45, do not forget the role Republicans have played.

They didn't stop Trump from turning our electoral process into a three-ring circus.

They didn't stop him from trashing the truth, the press, gold star families, immigrants, the disabled, women, our intelligence agencies, the rule of law, or our democracy, itself.

They almost unanimously chose to ignore their oaths of office at impeachment.

Vote them out at every level. @HeroesResist

The First Amendment doesn’t protect anyone from yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater that isn’t on fire.

Fox News is yelling “false alarm” when they know there's a fire; a raging, deadly fire.

Relentlessly broadcasting that there is no pandemic is orders of magnitude worse. The fact that Fox prepared for in their offices while mocking it on air should leave them culpable and unprotected.

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

Fox’s Fake News Contagion

Trump sat around for 6 weeks and didn't do anything but deny the problem was real.

Don't forget that.

Also don't forget to take care of people less well off than you are. Check on people. Offer to help. Maybe we can't stop this but we can help those around us. @HeroesResist

Coronavirus update: Job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate of 32%, Fed says:

Interesting thoughts, Scott.

I don't think anything about Trump guarantees anything and a great effort will be necessary to lead the country back from this crisis.

Joe Biden is the person who can do that.

News just keeps getting worse.

Gannett newspaper chain to furlough journalists

Gannett announced Monday it is cutting pay and furloughing journalists at its newspapers across the country as ad revenue plunges during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo called it unconstitutional. It likely is.

Dangerous posture, regardless.

tRump was tested positive on Covfefe-19 and needs to self-isolate to keep his stupidity from spreading. .

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