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My gf had a nice day at the zoo with her collegues from work!

Onyl thing.. when she got back to the bikes she notices they stole our battery from our electric bike 😿 :sad_cat:

The most expensive part.. Now let's hope we can find something on camera Monday

I see I got some translation work to do👌🏻♥️

I'm so sorry to hear that. (Said no one)

Then they came for Rudy’s law license and I said nothing...because I was laughing too hard.

Giuliani suspended from practicing law in New York over bogus election fraud claims-

Only if you CAN please think about supporting us😺♥️

We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot 🙌🏻💪🏻


This is Ridiculous ... as a gun enthusiasts I believe assault style weapons should not be allowed on the streets of this country!!!!!

People need to wake the f-up.

Federal Judge Overturns California’s 32-Year Assault Weapons Ban

The judge said the ban was a “failed experiment.” California’s governor called the ruling “a direct threat to public safety.”

California Assault Weapons Ban Overturned by Federal Judge


The judge compared Swiss Army knives to an AR-15 and went on to say:
“In California, murder by knife occurs seven times more often than murder by rifle.”

Murder by Swiss Army knife, your Honor? Did the lawyers for the NRA write your decision?

Mass killings by Swiss Army or any other kinds of knives?

Top left: Shiza. Bottom left: Bri. On the right: Goose. Huge cat, eh?

Happy Caturday!

I've stopped saying "stupid Republicans."

    It's like saying "tall giant."

    It's just redundant.

Poll: 73% of Republicans blame 'left-wing protesters' for Jan. 6 attack. Just 23% blame Trump-

Instead of wasting her breath trying to shame Mitch McConnell, who has none, Lisa Murkowski could quit the Republican party and caucus with the Democrats.

In other non-news, Joe Manchin still thinks filibuster reform is destroying the government.

Quiet victories are good. No more screaming lies, blaming others for failures, or taking credit for the work of others like the last guy did.

However, as modest as President Biden has been, it's up to us to shout his achievements from the rooftops& point out to others the great work he's doing for the country.
"Want more of this? Elect more Democrats!"

The people who are on the receiving end of the protests in Florida are now going to be deciding what is or isn't "disorderly" and who is doing what needs a "crack down."

Republicans, slouching into fascism.

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