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All ads are ads for adblock.
-Planet2Bob, Jun 2015
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I keep getting a "debug it" on my work.

I don't like to debug. I don't want to debug! I want to read the logs and see where things broke!

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You're so ignorant about nature. You don't even know where coyotes buy dynamite from I bet

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A spaceship landed and an alien emerged.
"We are sorry," it said, its words broadcast across the world.
"The last few years we have used your planet as a refueling stop. We depleted your reserves faster than you could regenerate them."
"Reserves of what?" sometime called.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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ME: now accepting tattoo ideas, it'll be something small and simple

ME, HALF AN HOUR LATER, AFTER TALKING TO PEOPLE ON FEDI: okay so it's gonna be a half-sleeve of the Oregon coastal forest in fall

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Chicago during the last week of January 2019. The city experienced its coldest temperature in decades (-23°F) and Lake Michigan started to boil away. Here’s a timelapse I took from my apartment window.

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/130

Jim Croce - Working at the Car Wash Blues. - YouTube 

Operator - Jim Croce - YouTube 


This comes up in my playlist and...

It's such a Good Story. Sad kinda, but the guy is working through a trouble.

Not like you can dial "0" these days.

@frond Tag, you're it.

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Thanks to the power of science, transitioning has never been easier!

@doctorwhom It really is good to see your 1s and 0s.

Why am I *unsurprised* you're Here?

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Being correct hasn't matter since Galileo.

Betoko - Raining Again (Original Mix) 

Oooooh... bad enough shorted my vape buttons yesterday, *smacks lips* the lovely taste of a fried coil.

Got replacement, no biggie, bit damn that tastes like crap. [Not had a coil die in this model yet... yep, tastes like burnt dimes.]

I don't want this boat as a toy, I want a boat like this as my home.

Quarter century... broke as hell...

I'll figure out out.

Could buy a duplex in Ohio for half the cost.

Damnit fucking fuck.

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In the .com days [when I could have easily afforded this] my ex had largely other goals and Nixed my aspirations [her son took priority, duh, strapping new jeans on his ass amused me greatly.... hell *I* didn't trash knees as fast as he did... bless his heart.

And so MY life goals got set aside.

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To be fair that rigging is over my ability but I break shit and learn fast.

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