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Hitachi is such a wild company like yes we make the Type 96 120 mm self-propelled mortar and one of the world’s most popular vibrators

Yay! Paid all my bills again this month.
So far so good.

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Lady's car stalled on Eighth in Seattle in the middle lane.

Everyone's bitching.

Her engines flooded. No biggie but she's freaking.

Ideally I'd like to shove the car Downhill into a parking spot, and that's what we did. Took like twenty seconds.

Hell, I'll even make the bus home.

Batman lives in the Marina under Aurora in Fremont.

He's a snot, and we're becoming buddies.

[He ran out Specifically to ignore me until it was time to get an ear rub.]

He pretty much owns the place... just ask him.

US govt warns foreign hackers 'will likely exploit' critical firewall bypass bug in Palo Alto gear – patch now β€’ The Register 


The three companies that actually use that funky shit should get right on it.

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"fuck grey text on white backgrounds
fuck grey text on black backgrounds
fuck thin, spindly fonts" http://blog.taz.net.au/2020/06/30/fuck-grey-text/

Reading 'The Difference Engine' by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson.

I started this book like three times on trips and never finished it [.com days, lots going on]. I'm half way through wondering how I didn't become rabidly wrapped in the story.

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"Do you like Country Music, Sean?"
"Only if it's about doing cocaine, suffering from alcoholism, being poor, or killing your spouse."

I adore bird and this little snot was funny, two days ago.

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