AAAAAAAAAAAGH. I stole them out of order!

Fucking ....

I mean I can get them from Amazon but usually just better to nick it.

Except sometimes.

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Let's get high and watch 'Picard' and have Burritos.

This is my best idea all week.

I bought this new coat/..
It's so big and had so many pockets I've lost...
My phone, with of weed, several lighters, my awesome charger, a tablet [8'] next to a paperback, some gloves, some other smaller gloves [haven't refound yet] and my fucking vape.

I think a Cessna might fit in a shoulder pocket.

NEC to sell the accelerator cards it puts into supercomputers – for about $11,000 a pop β€’ The Register

WANT ... may I please have half a dozen?

It's always DNS, especially when a sysadmin makes a hash of their semicolons β€’ The Register

If I had a dollar for every zone file I've managed to screw over, I could buy Alaska.

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I heard the screams of crazed machines at a tower built by the gods

Apple's global security boss accused of bribing cops with 200 free iPads in exchange for concealed gun permits β€’ The Register

Lolololol ... oops.

Ah yes, the good 'ol, "Let's wake wide the hell up at 0400".


Oh for fucks...

Any of you familiar with baby owls?

Screechy little fucking. but they're Cute/ But mom's not happy with elves yelling "shut up you little bastards".

Mom owl and I normally get along... right now not so much.


Who works about a buck fifty and wants to jump up and down on my left hip in a pair of waffle stompers? Possibly to include smashing my spine with a 20lb sledge.

Dinner and drinks before foreplay.

EMS Airlift on standby.

Wait. What do you mean I'm out of snacks in my laptop bag?

This will Not do.

Ohhhhhhh. NOW I get it.

The "Documentation" is in a completely different orbit than the new code base and ALL OF THIS IS WORTHLESS BULLSHIT.


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PEBKAC ... no, no ... this one's totally on me. Damnnit.

I Love my Baristas.
My Baristas are The Best Baristas.

[Ctrl]+a [Ctrl]+d [Ctrl]+d

Done. Cooked. Out.

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