Oh look, more updates. *

I think I'll do these at the lake while I eat and watch the sunset.

* There's ^always^ more updates.

John McAfee apparently arrested for wearing thong instead of face mask 

Dude is wearing a 'Spaceballs: The Facemask' mask.

For Teh Winz!

Ok, flying a kite from a one-hundred foot Super Yacht is pretty damned funny.

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moon>.. suffering the effects of being up all night to get that shot.


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Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away The Ending) by mimide - YouTube 

Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away The Ending) by mimide - YouTube 

I'm going to bathe in the blood and wear his entrails like a boa, the next young shithead near me smells like AXE Body Spray.

And since I'll be going to prison anyway, burn France to the ground.


This book is awesome.
Clever, interesting, fast, brutal, twisted, fun, tragic, silly.

About half way through.


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Ok... this is actually a volcanic rock. It is here at the Bellevue TC in a cart.

*I* ... *could* lift it by myself and put it in a cart but I'd scrape myself to fucking shit, and just Barely lift it over the edge... it weighs about as much as I do.

There's some serious drugs involved here AND more than one person.

Lot to unpack here.

Mistyped my own damed password seven out of eleven times. Off to a Good Start today. Yeppers.

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The Naked Roommate - And 107 Other Issues You May Run Into In College

Might have been handy almost thirty years ago.

Currently Reading:
Random Shit Flying Through The Air by Jackson Ford

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