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Whenever one would complain against the biased policies of Twitter, people would respond, "Why don't you leave twitter then?" Fair enough. Now I have a verified handle here.

Dushyant : 1
Twitter : 0.

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I'm old enough to remember an emergency news broadcast on Doordarshan on 5th Dec 92. Govt informed us that Mulayam Singh Yadav and Kalyan Singh has assured that no person will reach the site with any weapon. Next day, site was demolished.

Stay safe people.

For the life of me, can never understand WHY someone will agree to be panelist on a debate show where the anchors are HABITUAL for speaking sarcastically & in a condescending way. How come BBC & CNN don't have SUCH anchors?

I'm certain @sanjayuvacha sir will have an impact as an interlocutor. The bench will also get an informed view from the ground.

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Good to see that reporters at after asking ONE question "But CAA only GIVES citizenship & doesn't take your citizenship away" are GETTING educated by the people there about the RULES of the Act & potential resultant DENIAL of citizenship.

Amazing contradiction created by multiple notifications of GST by @FinMinIndia A manufacturer of rice is EXEMPTED from 5% GST if he relinquished his intellectual property rights in the brand. But, certain manufacturers CONTINUE prosecuting their marks in TM Registry!

Just heard: GST department is conducting raids at multiple locations in Delhi on apprehension of duty evasion by few Pan Masala manufacturing companies.

Delhi HC issues notice in Senior Advocate Sanjay Hegde's @sanjayuvacha plea challenging the suspension of his Twitter account. His plea also calls for the issuance of guidelines with respect to censorship on social media.


Watch "Hum dekhenge by Iqbal bano" on YouTube

Thanks to @MirchiSayema for doing effort in bringing Faiz closer to all. Listen to roaring crowd in the background.

Must say West Bengal has really progressed. Once upon a time, CM used to leave debate show when students asked questions. Now CM is encouraging them to protest.

Downloading judgements from web portal before internet is shut down in Delhi.

MJ Akbar's case is the FASTEST defamation case I have seen in a Magistrate Court. Normally takes 3 years for status report from police, then 2 years for arguments on Section 156(3), then 2+ years for Pre Summoning Evidence, then this, then that, then some more of this.

Order reserved after 8+ yrs.

Even days after 9/11, there were no politicians demanding Bush to resign. You can't jump into politics in everything so soon.

BJP is already addressing reporters and ridiculing Arvind Kejriwal on the fire tragedy.

What if ONE was to be acquittal later? Now his family will live with this scar forever? This is NOT helping the unfortunate rape victim. Cops have replaced the initial accused by making themselves accused now.

Read: Letter sent to states: GST Council rings first alarm bells on revenue
Remember the MIDNIGHT celebration of LAUNCH of taxation system? Central Govt can't compensate the States for shortfall in revenue collection!

But, let's make sure Rahul Bajaj dare doesn't open his mouth.

What a long day. Ended up in the evening with briefing Mr Mukul Rohatgi and Mr V. Giri for a tax matter listed tomorrow in the Supreme Court. Time to unwind.

News ticker saying Uddhav Thackeray to take oath tomorrow morning. I hope that media is ALREADY lined up outside Governor's home.

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