If a day goes by without me tweeting about her its cuz I am worried she'd get bored not cuz i have nothing to say about her.

Just fapped. Feeling refreshed ~ FB douchebag status updates.

SRK is an idiot for choosing Athlee over Raj-DK.

Scenes like this >> Big budgeted CGI visual wonders 😂 😂

Now waiting for Victoria Pedretti to upload her other tit.

Also the dog - Bob got it's own book. Can't wait to read them both.

I liked 'The one and only Ivan' movie and the reviews say that the movie didn't do justice to the book. Glad I watched the movie first in this case.

Chand mein dhaag hai, Lekin kudiye tujhme nahi koi kharabi.

nuvveppudu pedthav mari pappannam?

Nuv satthe nee dhinaalaku pedtha. 😂

Anand won cuz he got whites in Armageddon. Chill. Carlsen is still the GOAT. There is no way Anand could've won with blacks.

Krrish is my fav movie, I've seen it in theaters, had a cassette and used to listen to the album in walkman everyday but I can't recall listening to this one song ever. Found out today after Spotify autoplayed it 😂 Glad I found it.


Mrunal sweetheart looked her best in the movie, throughout.

Didn't know there's The office season 2 on hotstar and although I have already watched S01 and liked it I don't remember any of it now. So it's like watching the show afresh. This is the Ideal scenario lmao.

Mohsin Khan is the find of the season imo. Brilliant with the ball.

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