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I have an attitude🀨
Of gratitude 🀭🀩🀩

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The soul’s exit is the ass, every fart is a warning of death’s near embrace.
- credit to ember
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if someone farts, you have to say "bless you"

Listen closely to the conversations outside your door

no ni o no this isnt escapism
This is called ✨gaming✨

if nobody got me at least daniel from fitnessblender got me

also stuck between having a good sleeping schedule and enjoying my nights...
might have to dig deeper to find the probability of both happening.

who could have thought a 1:48 long video could be a catalyst
for the change in my momentum and energy, photon by photon, relative to my actions?

when I had the audience of old school friends I felt I had to overshare to be cool among them. What a fool I was.

Forgot it was month.

Havent seen ads with rainbows on them, how was I supposed to remember?

But what ten cups could make me as drunk
As I always am with your love in my heart?

Tomorrow the mountains will separate us;
After tomorrowβ€”who can say?

I have an attitude🀨
Of gratitude 🀭🀩🀩

regarding ,
the video-game;

It could have been used as a platform to demonstrate the mass amounts of trash
that pollute our oceans.
For example:
a trash island,
or a turtle stuck in a fishers net
or finding bags inside fishes stomachs when you eat it and in return it poisons you.


my eyes hurt after playing video games, but is it worth it?

I may not know how to have a healthy relationship with myself, BUT I do know my fifty nifty states.

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