Why did I think I'd be allowed to start a new jigsaw puzzle...

Can I interest any of you discerning folk in a unique and quirky oranges design clock. It’s 30% off in my Etsy shop etsy.me/3FUQ7gH

Happy Birthday to my dear cat Banksy 6 years old today (approx... She was a stray)

It’s and Banksy will be joining me to watch the loves the fast movements and bright colours… she will be transfixed.

My latest creation is finished, and it’s passed the inspection by Banksy the cat.. it’s now available to buy for some lucky cat.

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Graph Update:

The big blue line of Tory pain is now complete: An absolute and totally deserved drubbing for the Tories. You love to see it. ⚖️


So here we see the birth.. Nay even the conception of a brand new .. From bits of wood.. To.. Well wait and see

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Banksy has spotted a moth.. It's the most excersize she's had in years..

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