I had to join qoto.org in order to see any of the Noagendasocial toots.

I am @Cogent_Texan@qoto.org

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@digiaktivist@twitter.com Hier eine weitere Alternative, die es mit den Betriebssystemen #VollaOS, #UbuntuTouch gibt.
@hello_volla@twitter.com #VOLLA-Phone


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Trump's new social network is reportedly to be running on a fork of Mastadon. Do you think a new social network has a chance of gaining traction (I don't) and wouldn't this just serve to further divide the country into us and them with little chance to engage in civil disourse?

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Trump’s social network Truth Social has 30 days to stop violating the AGLPv3 software license, since it's clearly a fork of @joinmastodon@twitter.com (at least, the unlaunched beta is) but claims to be "proprietary" theverge.com/2021/10/22/227403

Can you imagine what social media would have been like when Edison and Tesla were trying to out propaganda eachother over AC vs DC?

Did you figure out how to get the Noagendasocial feeds to show here on mstdn.social?


This mastdaon instance does not surface any @noagendasocial.com users. The admin does not show it as blocked. Am i doing something wrong? So much for being a cogent Texan.


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