A more private fork of the #opera browser should be made! 🤭
It'd be awesome! 😊
The problem is that it isn't open source! 😐

@stux im on my laptop at 7 am, idk maybe god got me up at like 6 30 am,
the sky is dark blue and it is so quiet.
its so nice,
to be ALONE!! :)

@gmate8 what time zone is it for you?
you seem to talk only at night
mine is Pacific Daylight Time

I feel like us 20-something fediverse users should form an online club. We could talk about stuff like job searching, books to read, comparing life in different parts of the world, aesthetics, projects, etc. Feel free to boost or message me if that interests you.

@stux у меня украинский предок.
я люблю русские мемы и хардбас хаха хардбас лол

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