@stux yeah i don't think ill be able to host a server lol,
anyway, i heard the mastodon app is out on iphones so that is poggers!!!!!!!!!!

@stux it's 12 am.....
i'm so dead.
by the way i donated .25 BAT to you today hope you liked it bye UwU

@strawberryfieldsforever @gmate8
if you add all the subscribers in my sublemmies, there is...
about 104 subscribers,
wow i have achieve famous


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@stux @strawberryfieldsforever you know i realized something.
every single big social media is going to spy on you and take your data lol,
so it does not matter if i use Tiktok, facebook, instagram, they'll still track me and everyone on the planet,
(the internet dominated by 5 companies? Yeah, that's not good)

@calculsoberic no, nowadays, i am learning esperanto and toki pona.
this means i can speak 3 languages

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Hmm, I guess no one is online now, so that means i am the only one here now lmao,
i am now the dragon king of this server

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