The sheer inability for Sanders to realize where his numbers are and his refusal to leave the race in spite of it and help us work sooner and better to get rid of Trump only cement my opinion that he would make a terrible President.

@IronMan2020 Whew! I would not say it often on bird, so as to not give cranky robots more leverage, but yeah, his judgment is bottom-tier, even as many (not all!) of his policy suggestions are good, solid Democratic policies.

It's a shame, really. It could have been a better situation from the get-go, but making enemies out of fellow Democrats isn't a winning strategy.

I was with Warren for the policy. I think another thing we've all learned is that America will vote for a man whose policy they don't like over a woman whose policy they do. We have a long way to go.

@IronMan2020 @lakesideliberal

I think that's what's been most hurtful and disappointing, that some people still don't think a woman can... do anything, really. No matter how intelligent or accomplished.

@ChloeResists @IronMan2020 @lakesideliberal It sucks that we are in the 21 century with 18th century ideas floating around that inhibit a woman's ability to lead our nation.

@Thunderbirds511 @IronMan2020 @lakesideliberal

Completely agree. It's practically miraculous I am allowed to function by myself with no father (deceased) and no husband (haven't met anyone worthy of that) to mind me. Scandalous. :blobamused:

@ChloeResists @Thunderbirds511 @IronMan2020

Didn't have "morphing into a Christian version of Saudi Arabia" on my 21st Century America Predictions List. Yet, here we are.


I'm pretty sure this is not what my immigrant grandparents envisioned when they decided to come here for a better life. I'm almost glad none of them are around anymore. It would break my heart to see how they would have reacted to being told they come from a country of rapists.

@Thunderbirds511 @IronMan2020

@ChloeResists @Thunderbirds511 @IronMan2020

Unconscionable. How far we have degenerated. I am sorry we have failed you, and them.


It's people like you and the other and my friends (IRL and online) that remind me there are still good and kind people who welcome and support others. ❤️

@Thunderbirds511 @IronMan2020


We've done a decent job at the local level and the House since 2016, but it's very clear that the Presidential race didn't take the most qualified candidate.

@IronMan2020 @ChloeResists

Warren was the pick. We screwed up collectively for fear of a bully--and, to be fair, the fear of how bully-lovers vote.

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