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Here I am in our last stop along the #HeroesResist path.

Our own instance on Mastodon with my friends @TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @AgentCarter_SSR

Thanks to @stux for being a friend.

Hello fediverse!
Peggy Carter, checking in after migrating to this instance with #HeroesResist
New home, same mission.

Welcome to resistance.social! I’m Maria, one of the moderators here. You may know me from other instances. Administrator @TonyStark, other moderators @NatashaRomanoff, @SteveRogers, and I have moved here to our new home along with our #HeroesResist friends. Our primary purpose is political but we also like to enjoy ourselves. Please check out “about this server” in the lower left corner of this page to learn more.

Hello, fediverse! I’m Natasha, one of the moderators of resistance.social. I like democracy and not living under tyranny, among other things. You may have seen me on previous instances, but this is where #HeroesResist calls home now. #introductions


I'm Tony, the administrator of this instance. Many of you know me from Twitter and followed #HeroesResist here.

Some of you met me here and are valuable new friends.

At any rate, thanks for following me and being a part of what we do.

I'm still catching up on followers and follow backs, but feel free to give a shout if I've missed you or you need help in any way.

If you'd like to join our instance, please do. Here's a copy of what we're about:


@NatashaRomanova We knew Trump has the object permanence of an infant. Turns out Pence's brain has regressed to that level as well. Being a Republican is bad for your development! @IronMan

@IronMan It's like when small children think that they're invisible when they close their eyes, except that it's dangerous and not funny or cute at all.

Stop testing and nobody gets sick?
By this logic, we can all have eternal life. The doctors just have to stop issuing death certificates, then nobody would die anymore.

Unfortunately, the virus does not respond to lies very well.

Pence encouraged governors to downplay new community spread of coronavirus: report: thehill.com/policy/healthcare/

I'm sorry that I cannot be there.

On the good side, I now help @stux moderate here and the platform is nice and safe.

I hope more people come and stay here.

"This campaign is obviously always important, but as the site notes, is particularly so now because black-owned businesses are suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 21 percent of black-owned businesses say they don't think they'll survive the pandemic and 40 percent of black-owned businesses have been forced to close during the outbreak. In addition, black-owned businesses have seemingly been shut out of coronavirus relief efforts."


They keep changing their stories on what happened, who ordered it& why.
One thing is undeniable. This entire incident was a colossal clusterfk.


Okay, got set up again. I'll be sure and check in more. I see the Heroes circle is really growing and that's a good thing!

Blessings to all 🏵️


This man was sleeping in a drive-through at a Wendy's. He took one stun gun.

When he fled many yards away (and who wouldn't if black) and turned, it was known it was a stun gun. If you want to immobilize him before he can stun you or your colleagues, use one of your other stun guns, FFS.

Teach these officers to deescalate or get rid of them.

Atlanta police chief resigns after law enforcement fatally shoots 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks:

Oh, yes, secret identities!
Oh, dear.
I suppose I should have requsitioned a blank mask from SHIELD supply office.
I can just hear @CaptainMarvel now.
"Does announcing your identity on clothing help with the covert part of your job?"

@IronMan We know he's an arrogant, insensitive, tone-deaf racist. Cancel the whole damn rally. Better yet, cancel the whole damn presidency.

“They Were the Authority and I Didn’t Argue With Authority” buff.ly/2YubYq4

@CallMeMJ Hey politicians, this isn't that hard. If you don't have black people in your life you socialize with and talk to in your free time about your family, your pets, sports, whatever you talk to the rest of the people you're close to about, and whom you call/text/FaceTime just to see how they are and not because you think it inoculates you against criticism (it doesn't), don't tell other people they are your friends. @QueenRamonda @IronMan

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