Grocery store workers, gas station clerks, sanitation workers, truck drivers and other delivery people; the people who keep our food coming and the power on and the water running - this crisis shows how vital they are to keeping everything running for the rest of us.  

This sad situation has everything to do with the Trump administration's 70 days of essentially doing nothing along with corporate irresponsibility.

Grocery workers are beginning to die of coronavirus:

Mnuchin stood up there and told American small businesses they could apply right away and get the money the same day.

The lies never stop in this corrupt administration.

@HopeVanDyne @IronMan
Recently I've heard young people make plans to meet at the local Walmart& Target to just 'hang out'. That or they literally cruise around town hitting local drive-thrus multiple times a day. I have one van load of elderly I see 3x EVERY DAY in an 8hr shift. They think wearing gardening gloves will protect them. I'm afraid seeing workers drop right in front of them wouldn't even get the message through their thick heads. 😠

@TheSpiderMan @IronMan @HeroesResist It really is who they’ve been for a long time. And when I say “a long time,” what I really mean is that I don’t remember them not being like this.

Kaiser Health News reports that COVID-19 can cause damage to the heart as well as the lungs. Stay well, everyone.

That’s very generous of you Chloe, there’s a great community out there to offer support to the many in need. My neighbor is a single mom of 3, she has her own one chair salon as a hair stylist and has lost her only source of income. I’m very upset everyone is receiving assistance except her and others like her. I help her when I can

We all know trump does not act like a proper president.

What in your opinion is a proper president?

I will start, I think a proper president should listen to the intelligence agencies instead of blowing them off.

The Trump Administration waited until mid-March to even order N95 masks and other personal protective gear for necessary frontline medical workers.

I sincerely hope no medical professional ever votes Republican again.

Fun to see how sympathetic people are to restaurants, waiters, and bartenders. Heck, they are even raising money for them on TV. So sweet! Typical of these hypocrites of sympathy to kick their hairdressers, manicurists, facialists, & massage therapists to the curb. That’s right, beauty industry workers (independent contractors) who both Dems & Republicans left out of any unemployment benefits, don’t need to eat or pay bills…

I love Derry Girls, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and not falling for conspiracy theories! @HeroesResist

This just shouldn't be happening.

Kentucky governor says it's 'very hard' to compete with federal government for medical equipment

This is going to cause a lot of problems, quickly.

We need a functioning government. Republicans ruin it every time.

@IronMan Always count on Republicans to disenfranchise people!

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