photo of the person supposedly responsible for the twitch leak

linux's firewall is an NFT, is that GNU approved? 🤔

windows 11 users are now 1337 dynamic tiling window manager haxx0rs

Projects/Groups/etc moving to Libera.Chat ( / ircs:// ) away from freenode (from a cursory glance at twitter/irc):
- Ubuntu
- Xubuntu
- Kubuntu
- Elixir
- Haskell (GHC?)
- XMonad
- Python
- ScummVM
- HexChat
- OpenLDAP
- Solus Linux
- SQL Alchemy
- Open Source Infra
- Emacs
- Vim
- Weechat
- Hammerspoon
- Open Source Lab (a now former sponsor of freenode)
- IRCv3
- Django
- GamingOnLinux
- Monero
- HydraBus
- EasyRPG
- Plemora (FUCK YEAH)
- hashcat
- Townforge
- System76
- Dogecoin
- ...I think you get the point

Has any community disintegrated this fast before?
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loonix users when they
when they have to connect to a WPA2-PEAP wifi network
(me today)

finally got rid of the networkmanager nightmare. My network handling seems much more comfy and modular now

Throwing concurrency at a problem isn't always the solution apparently... 😅 All of my memory gone in less than a minute...
This runs really fast if it's all contained in a single process though. I wonder if jit'ing it will make it that much faster

>File tags:
> Artist: Rap Monster
> Album: 'RM' 1st Mixtape
> Album_Artist: Rap Monster
> Date: 2015
> Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Banger after banger 😌

Also I figured out how to solely record msteams's audio output with JACK sinks but grabbing msteams's window only doesn't seem doable with ffmpeg :/

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Wish AV1 ASICs were available and cheap enough. I'd get one instantaneously

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some of our teachers don't allow us to record our e-classes with the msteams option so I started recording myself with ffmpeg but my SB CPU isn't strong enough for HEVC/VP9 real-time encoding so I have to use h264_vaapi and then transcode the recordings overnight to HEVC

>-- Found GLEW: /usr/include (found version "2.2.0")
>/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/10.2.0/../../../../lib/ undefined reference to `__glewUniform2fARB'
*sigh* ,_,

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