I ordered a bunch of socks. They came in 2 boxes. Each pair in own plastic bag. Each pair with "I am sustainable" paper tag. Huh.

If you're still on #BirdSite #BadBird it's worth reading New Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. From 10 June, no rules against offensive content. You give them royalty-free license to use, publish, & distribute your Content to the rest of the world and to let others do the same. Also ups advertising & may ban adblockers (my reading). New Privacy Policy says it Infers your Identity. They link device used with account & email address or phone number. NB #NZTwits

I wonder if Nestle CEO would get a fanbase that would cheer for him when he buys 100% of water sources in some country if he starts posting stupid memes and manipulates crypto market

capability on iphone 13 pro is amazing. Id get closer if only I had more light.

ADHD meds are miraculous. I wish I got diagnosed earlier but.... it's was kind of impossible to do in poland as adult. Finally there's some quietness in my head and I can do even boring stuff with less problems and procrastination.

I wasn't expecting to have such positive experience with iOS. I got my first iPhone few days ago and to be honest I love it. The interface and possible options are pretty good and it's cleaner than latest Android on Samsung S10+.

Plus the camera is miles better than in the old phone.

Started out day by removing speakers from some airtags. Now I need to figure our how to best hide them in things I want to track if stolen.

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