The SCOTUS has ruled that LGBT workers are protected from job discrimination. 🏳️‍🌈

(Earlier, the article said that transgender people weren’t part of this decision, but the article has been updated so I’ve redrafted this toot.)

This was a 6-3 vote. It’s a great reminder that one of the most important factors in voting for POTUS is what type of Supreme Court justices they will choose.

There isn't anything that the Trump administration has done that hasn't been a complete failure in their response to every situation and the response has been no different.

They've succeeded in ensuring more people develop it. That's about it.
Mike Pence promised gear for nursing homes, but some of what arrived was subpar, organizations say:

When you shoot a person in the back twice, you have lost the argument that you feared for your life.

Killing of black man in Atlanta puts spotlight anew on police, as prosecutors contemplate charges against officer - The Washington Post:

Virginia voters: the deadline to request an absentee ballot to vote by mail for your primary elections on Tuesday, June 23rd is Tuesday, June 16th by 5PM.

Request it here. There's still time.

Your are on Tuesday, June 23!

💥All applications for MUST be postmarked by June 16! 💥

Early voting is already open June 13-21 in many locations. If you vote early in person,

These are State,& Federal primaries, as well as a to fill the House of Representatives seat in

For more information check with NYS Board of Elections:

When you're out driving and find yourself in a crowd of protesters, there’s this thing called the “brake”.  When you press it, the car stops.  Pretty cool innovation.

Also, driving your car into a crowd is attempted homicide. Protesting is a right in this country.

In at least 19 cases in the past few weeks, witnesses or police say civilian vehicles were driven through crowds of protesters after the death of George Floyd:

Today in

Republicans have been trying to purge voters from voter rolls and limit voting all over the country for years. Why? Because they lose when more people vote. It's voter suppression.

Democrats want more people to vote and make it easier to vote.

Democrats roll out new tool to combat voter purges:

Well, nobody could have predicted that some right-wing nutjobs carrying automatic "defense" rifles would end up shooting unarmed protesters.

That is, anyone with an IQ above 10 which is probably the sum total of the collective IQs of the New Mexico Very Uncivil Guard.

This is about using weapons against protests -and Trump is directly responsible for provoking this kind of behavior. Looks like police handled them gingerly. If they were black men, they'd all be dead now.

@HopeVanDyne Remember that Republicans are the ones who want to cut Sesame Street out of the budget too, because poor kids watch PBS and learn the alphabet and to count and add and all kinds of neat things if their parents can't afford to send them to preschool. You know, which should be universal and free anyway, but is a luxury only the upper middle class can afford anymore. @IronMan

@CallMeMJ As Maya Angelou said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." We did. Problem is, a lot of Republicans did too but liked it. The people who didn't vote last time, you see it now. If you're not registered for November, do it today. @IronMan

Collective 10 is too high.

We will be shot on 5th Avenue and everywhere else if we don’t vote as a unit on November 3rd.

We cannot afford to let Trump have another term. We simply can't.

@mariahill @CallMeMJ @IronMan

It is incumbent upon everyone to work collectively to get this man out.

There is no other progress that will be made if we don't. We already have too much from the first 4 years to undo, and they're not even over yet.

If you live in

Don’t forget that you have some deadlines today, 6/16/20, for voting in your

Check @HeroesResist


I like to pretend he doesn't exist, but it works about just as well.

New Jersey residents: you have a primary election coming up on July 7th, 2020.

There’s still time to register to vote! The deadline is Tuesday, June 16th.

Go here and register, check, or update your voter registration:

All registered voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot.

Primary elections are important. All elections are important.

Here's another reason Republicans are losing their composure all over the country.

They're in serious danger of losing control of the Senate. Democrats are competitive in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Kansas, South Carolina, and...Iowa.

Taking back the Senate is absolutely essential. Let's help Dems everywhere, but if you only have a little to give, give where it counts.

Iowa Poll: Theresa Greenfield edges Joni Ernst in tight Senate race:

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