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A local thunderstrom caused a power exception. All Craftbian servers and Dynmaps are available, again.


Craftbian was fun. I hope to be able to do more for it in the future.

CRAFTQuest is retiring Uppsala, Aurora & Gefion from active gaming use in Minecraft. However the maps will remain active.

Play Minecraft on Ragnar Minestead, Craftbian servers on Raspberry Pi computers! Visit for server info!

CRAFTQuest is now EOL.
(End Of Life)

This account is invalid until which time it is not.

*This may or may not be true. And, it may or may not be confirmed.

Craftbian is an End-Of-Life/abandoned/orphaned Java Minecraft personal server management operating system for use with a Raspberry Pi & is PERFECT for the Raspberry Pi.

sits in its new home and awaits for the remainder of the network to join.

is, currently, offline. When it returns, server and map addresses will change.

has been shut down pending a hardware move. There is no current time frame on when it will return.

Don't forget...

THIS MONTH, Microflop will be requiring all users to use a Microsoft account to log into Minecraft. This will include being able to connect to servers!

Heads up, users!

The web services server from the developer, , is now decommissioned.

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