Man I kinda wish mastodon supported image previews from direct links to images like discord. I work as a local server hosting provider and as my own personal projects I've got two file hosting setup. is a completely public image/video hosting website that I use so I can send higher quality images around discord and other places on the internet.

And then I have one setup to Wasabi S3 thanks to a single post mentioning it from @stux :nkoLove:

Mastodon doesn't embed these files sadly so I'll have to look at the GitHub to see if there's an issue, this feature would be pretty fun.

Example image (happy potatoe):

catching up with couple week old news about and near the very end of their last earnings call they mentioned because of an agreement they made adopting that they are abandoning adding multiplayer to Redengine. If this means they aren't adding multiplier to cyberpunk anymore I am gonna be so sad.. and it's looking that way :sad_cat:

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Spent another couple hours optimising my website, lighthouse scores are all 100 unless there is a Twitter/YouTube embed then performance goes down to 98 which is still very nice.

Yikes that website post took my 3 hours to make... I had all the text written already because it was originally a twitter thread but my dumbass spent 3 hours rewriting core parts of my website for no reason :)

Just finished turning my twitter thread talking about Mastodon into a full blog post, only took a few hours because I kept getting side tracked on making large changes to my website's theme

This is the graph of just AV1 preset 12 against X264 Faster preset

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Been doing some testing with the codec in today.

It seems like using SVT-AV1 speed 12 wouldn't hurt a 1080p60 twitch stream as much as I once thought

Going from preset 12 to 11 increases the average VMAF score by about 1% and going from preset 11 to 8 increases quality by only 1.4%

X264's Faster preset got a score of 84.24% and AV1 preset 12 got a score of 90.12% which is a decent improvement in this one test clip.

More testing to come.

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Ooh I want to welcome every new user personal but that's impossible! :blobcatgiggle:

So... welcome! ❤️ :blobcathug: :mastodon:

I was messing around with recording in HDR and when converting it back to SDR using EposVox's HDR->SDR Lut made for doom eternal it can really have a pretty effect.

EposVox's Luts:

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