This is the graph of just AV1 preset 12 against X264 Faster preset

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Been doing some testing with the codec in today.

It seems like using SVT-AV1 speed 12 wouldn't hurt a 1080p60 twitch stream as much as I once thought

Going from preset 12 to 11 increases the average VMAF score by about 1% and going from preset 11 to 8 increases quality by only 1.4%

X264's Faster preset got a score of 84.24% and AV1 preset 12 got a score of 90.12% which is a decent improvement in this one test clip.

More testing to come.

I was messing around with recording in HDR and when converting it back to SDR using EposVox's HDR->SDR Lut made for doom eternal it can really have a pretty effect.

EposVox's Luts:

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