I hear Sochi is lovely this time of year. ☕😏

"Top HHS official takes leave of absence after Facebook rant on CDC conspiracies"

trump ideas align with the bourgeoisie. And he doesn't even have a clue

Hi everyone! What did you do during lockdown? I received my bachelor's degree 😁

Mastodon won't respond to my email requesting a password reset. Is the no one at the helm?

Hi team!
Sorry I haven't been around here. Trumpvirus has thrown a wrench into my work and school lives. I'll try better. Hope you are all doing well ❤️

@AgentCarter_SSR2020 On a lighter note. I didn't win Cap's shield from the other contest. If you win this one, does Nat pick you up in the black Corvette? ☕😏

Trump is an outlier. Identified, recognized.
The true enemy is Christian nationalism.
There, I said it...

Thank you all for avenging our country! Trump will be out this year, but we will still need


**bouncing about**
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