I've found out why I can't see DT on the mastodon instance I'm on, it's because the admin's don't like him. Time to move

@BrodieOnLinux even if youdon't care about DT, that pettiness is reason to move on.

@BrodieOnLinux he's gone from me too, but I'm on my own node. I think he might have done something on his side or I offended him? Whatever. I watch him, but he can be odd sometimes.

@rob His instance is still running, I've got some people on my discord on there

@BrodieOnLinux both the fact this is a thing as well as that it merely inconveniences you is a great testament to the Fediverse.

@fedops I appreciate that it's a thing, I want to the ability to block instances that exist solely for running scams and spam

@BrodieOnLinux Must be friends with that guy that runs the instance that DT was kicked off of.

@BrodieOnLinux After seeing this image, I got curious and looked at the about page on several instances. I notice the same servers tend to appear on many blacklists. Are these blacklists federated somehow?

@evilrob There's probably a blacklist on github or somewhere like that

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