I for one hope that Twitter keeps banning people, not for any political reasons I just would like to see a company kill itself through repeated stupidity

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Whether you like the people who are being banned or not isn't too important, the value of the company tanked as soon as they started to do it and people are fleeing the platform

@BrodieOnLinux I like mastadon for the reasons that I don't like twitter, mastadon has quite a strong focus on smaller more tighter knit communities :)

@sotolf I've noticed that people tend to be much more active over here

@BrodieOnLinux Yeah, for me it has to do with the tighter community, having a smaller community makes it easier to build relationships, and there is so much more interaction with things that I post, I think other have the same experience, it makes it a lot more fun, probably less people see what I post here than what I used to, but people actually talk about stuff here, and respond, it's a nice feeling :)

@sotolf The higher character limit does help a lot in that regard I barely ever find myself having to shrink down what I want to say to fit it

@BrodieOnLinux Yeah that's also a big thing yeah :) Also while I remember, thank you for being one of the more politically sane and levelheaded linux content creators on youtube :) I get happy every time I see your videos popping up, that's not always the case when I see them from others, the last couple of weeks has made me see quite some really cringey videos and titles from others.

@sotolf my poltics aren't a secret but I don't think they hold much of a place on the main channel. I just want to talk about window managers and stupid scripts I found on GitHub. I'm working on my presentation I'm happier with it now than I was this time last year but I feel like it still needs quite a lot of work, but I'm glad you're enjoying it as it is.

@BrodieOnLinux I like your style, and the way you're presenting things a lot :) I've added Tech over Tea to my podcatcher as well. :) I just added your fullscreen script to my bspwm too , and it works great. Keep on working, you're probably your own strongest critic. For me it's very enjoyable, and yours is usually the channel I suggest if people ask for linux youtube content :)

@BrodieOnLinux A few day ago I was sick of all that twitter and facebook hysteria. Good side is I got interested in mastodon.

@BrodieOnLinux They kicked off their biggest shitposter asset, Donald Trump, he was hilarious ngl

@Meeper Now that he's gone journalists can't just milk his tweets for money

@BrodieOnLinux The malicious will find someone to dunk on tbf, remember when they preyed on our boi stallman?


> I just would like to see a company kill itself through repeated stupidity

heh. remember Photobucket?

I support freedom of speech and the Big Tech doesn't stand for that anymore. However, regardless of political views, people leaving the Silicon Valley tyrants is a good thing and It finally happens.

@flav I hope that people don't keep going places like BitChute and Parler, I know they stand for freedom now but what's going to happen if they become Twitter and YouTube sized and have a change of leadership.

@BrodieOnLinux I agree, but most Mastodon instances are left-wing and the admins would ban people even faster if they have any conservative views by calling it hate speech. Things like not believing Trump is a white supremacist. There are just a few free speech Pleroma instances, almost all based in the US. Didn't they advertise Mastodon as Twitter without Nazis?

That's the beauty of Mastodon though, or ActivityPub to be more precise. They ban you, you spawn your own instance. A server on Linode is only $5 a month and you can host your Mastodon instance and maybe a little NextCloud alongside. If you need more space they also sell additional storage $1/10GB SSD. You can't do that with Parler or Bitchute

@flav @BrodieOnLinux
Also if need be, you can just buy a physical server for full control of the infrastructure

Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with Linux server yet. I've noticed Digital Ocean has some special script to make Mastodon install much easier.

Most providers do that. They install a server distro automatically and pull down everything needed for the service you want to run. And they usually provide this feature for multiple services like Mastodon, Git, NextCloud, WordPress, even VPNs

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