Very nice to see a lot of new and familiar faces joining Mastodon after the recent videos that have been coming out, I've got one more of my own planned.

As soon as someone finds out you're learning a second language why is it that they'll ask you to say something, like mate I could literally just make random noises and tell you what they mean because you wouldn't know what I'm saying anyway

Welcome to all the new guys who came over from DTs video


We'd like to test our live streaming next week.

Looking for a channel that's not too big or too small to help us.

Hopefully the channel can get at least around 5k viewers on the stream.


Pretty easy to just convert the files with ffmpeg but it's a dumb problem

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So I bought this mp3 player so I didn't need to carry my phone everywhere I go, and it's designed in a really stupid way. It can play aac files perfectly fine but not over bluetooth if you try to do that it complains that there's a format error

In case you missed it I did an episode of Tech Over Tea with


#46 For Once It's A Linux Podcast - feat


Whether you like the people who are being banned or not isn't too important, the value of the company tanked as soon as they started to do it and people are fleeing the platform

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