I've noticed that my ad revenue has just shot up recently and judging by what YouTube has been saying, it seems like they're trying to cram as many ads into videos as possible, I'm expecting this to push even more people to use adblock shortly.

Even if your favourite exchange keeps good records, don't do my mistake and forget to keep your own records. Luckily I'm sort of a hobby trader so there's not much to dig through but I don't exactly want to be sitting here retroactively keeping records

In today's video I do a fairly deep dive into emmet vim which is a really powerful plugin for web dev where you can generate an entire page with a single statement, check it out on bitchute.com/video/QUpTsKrBkL5

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I was very proud to sign this letter in defence of a foundational principle of a liberal society: open debate and freedom of thought and speech.


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In today's video I discuss some misconceptions about what it must mean to be a Linux power user, check it out on open.lbry.com/@BrodieRobertson

How am I only just discovering that the entire Ty The Tasmanian Tiger series is available on steam, I think I've found the first thing I'm going to stream when I eventually start store.steampowered.com/app/411

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Mixer died, TikTok could become illegal at any moment. YouTube is BARELY turning a profit and policies change minute to minute.

If you're a creator or comedian, NEVER just focus on one platform and ignore the others.

Don't let the death or policy of a website kill your career.

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So I ended up passing 7,500 subs, I think so at least. I say that because my channel shows 7,500 but in the creator studio it only shows 7,200 and the gap keeps growing every day/

Today's video is a follow up from an earlier video where I made a PKGBUILD, today we're getting that PKGBUILD and the rest of the package files onto the AUR, out now on bitchute.com/video/9PtB4f2i3NE

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You know, I probably should have been letting you guys know when the audio version of the podcast goes live, I might do that from now on anchor.fm/tech-over-tea/episod

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