Already spending a shit ton on new studio gear, so why not give some money to as well

I know I'm being harsh on it but I do really want to see it improve as I want to make Matrix my new community hub with bridges out to other platforms

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Whilst the interface of Element is a bit different to how Discord works it's not terrible but there are some confusing design choices that make it really hard to navigate especially doing things like inviting someone to join your room

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If you just use a few chat rooms here and their it's fine but if you join a community with a bunch of rooms it becomes unwieldy to deal with but luckily that's only a simple fix, moderation permissions aren't great of Discord but their even more lacking on Matrix

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Matrix is a really awesome communication protocol and Element is a great client for it but anyone saying that Matrix is a full Discord replacement is out of their mind at this point.

Do I stay up late to listen to Hinotori on release, that is the question


my first original single


As soon as Anchor is back up I'll upload todays podcast for now though you can watch the video version on the Tech Over Tea YouTube and LBRY channels


Update: parts of the Anchor platform are still down but we've confirmed that RSS feeds are working. Listeners can access episodes on external platforms and impressions are getting tracked backstage.

For additional updates from our service provider:


So I've finally stopped being lazy and setup a Matrix community, it's still a work in progress but the general chat is bridged to discord already

If you're in the market for a new camera a lot of camera retailers have started some insane Black Friday deals early. I'm talking $400 off $1000 cameras

I was not expecting break out on my Linux at Uni video but I'll take it, it's even doing better than my controversial Apple video was at the time

I wish my metrics spiked like that but is broken again

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