I've found out why I can't see DT on the mastodon instance I'm on, it's because the admin's don't like him. Time to move

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This awful URL shortening feature just rolled out to my Chrome. Happily, they provided an easy way to disable it.

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@OdyseeTeam@twitter.com Sadly I can't comment on the @nytimes@twitter.com article... I've already read my allocated 1 article a day and they want money... LOL. What is this? 1999?
I'm not paying to read trash. This is 2021, I expect my trash to be free!

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You know you've made it when the media tries to cancel you by lying about your platform

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what the @nytimes@twitter.com reports (1) vs. what happened (2, 3, 4)

the media is a disaster and keeps us divided

the web 3.0 revolution is one of unity, not division

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There is no better time to play Ty The Tasmanian Tiger than on so come hang out for a bit and have some fun while I play one of my favourite games from when I was a kid youtube.com/watch?v=t8J0gV7bhO

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Twitter is introducing a crowdsourced fact checking system where other people can attach notes to any tweet.

Think about the type of loser who writes a WikiPedia article.
This is who runs Twitter now

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I don't get why people are compaining about this, why would you want to give all your data to Google for an account sync omgubuntu.co.uk/2021/01/chromi

I can't explain why every Tuesday I get a sudden boost in views on the audio release of my podcast. It always happens before the new video comes out so that can't explain it.

Happy Australia Day,

I don't care if you're going to spend the day drinking and having a barbeque or using this as a rememberence day either way enjoy your day off. 🇦🇺🦘

I'm going to play around with using background music in a few videos, I'm not sure how it'll go but no harm in trying

This aged well

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is a great app. Some folks say they deny platforms, some folks say it’s dying or dead. One thing is for certain that, over time, I have been using it to post photography! I have to say that, just because someone else loses faith, doesn’t mean you should too! Anyone out

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Would would have thought that an invite only video platform wouldn't last, impossible to predict. On that note, and aren't invite only and are growing massively by the day @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com @LBRYcom@twitter.com

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StoryFire is Shutting Down

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Can remember going into the Blockbuster store on a Sat night looking for something to watch. Doesn't seem that long ago.
The things that pop into your head when editing videos.

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Elysium is cleared, now I just need to actually defeat Hades, this is going to take much longer lol

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