If anyone wants to know what love is.
Love is when Lan Wangji suffered 33 whips and 3 years of punishment for Wei Ying. (Need I remind you that they were discipline whips, one whose scar would remain forever)
Love is when even though the world was against Wei Ying, only Lan Zhan stood by his side.
Love is when the most righteous and disciplined role model Lan Zhan broke the 3000 rules of Lan Clan without any hesitation for Wei

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Love is when Lan Zhan always shields Wei Ying with his sword before the enemy can get to him.
Love is when he made a song for Wei Ying and named it "Wangxian"
Love is when he branded himself with Wen
Clan's sun symbol just because Wei Ying had the same mark in his body.
Love is when Lan Zhan played inquiry aimlessly for years just trying to find a piece of Wei

Ying's soul to know if he is fine. (BTW I read somewhere that Lan Zhan was playing inquiry not to bring Wei Ying back because he knew that the world was too cruel to him, but he just wanted to ask him if he was fine now after his death:(
Love is when Lan Zhan waited for 16 fucking years for Wei Ying:(

@BrilliantJonie isso que Γ© amor mesmo e ainda tem o Yuan, que vai mostrar o que aconteceu e como ele sobreviveu

@_dudagc_ vou precisar mesmo, pelo menos ele irΓ‘ reconhecer o Wei

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