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#AndroidAppRain today with 6 new (*) & 93 updated apps at @fdroidorg plus 4 new (+) & 10 updated apps in the #IzzySoftRepo:

* Aggregator Next: Feed reader
* Better Internet Tiles: Wi-Fi and mobile data tiles on Android 12+
* Drawterm: Access your Plan 9 machines
* Filester: simple file uploader
* GuitarFretboardTrainer: learn the notes on the guitar fretboard
* KitchenOwl: grocery list and recipe manager
+ Sideband: LXMF client


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@Stellar bro, ur avatar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Hello everyone! Very proud to announce the release of GoToSocial v0.5.0 Sonorous Sloth. This is the sixteenth alpha release of GoToSocial! :go_to_social:

Some highlights:

  • Custom emojis are now supported! You can upload custom emojis via the /api/v1/admin/custom_emojis endpoint. See https://docs.gotosocial.org/en/latest/api/swagger/. By default, the size limit for emojis is 50kb to conform with Mastodon, but this can be changed in the config. In future, you will be able to upload / remove/ update custom emojis via the admin panel, but for now you must do it via the API.
  • OpenGraph meta tag support! When you link to a GoToSocial status or profile, it will properly serve preview information.
  • Custom CSS is now supported for user profiles and statuses. If your instance has accounts-allow-custom-css set to true, you can set custom css for your profile and statuses through the user panel – see https://docs.gotosocial.org/en/latest/user_guide/custom_css/
  • GtS can now deliver messages to shared inboxes. This has significant performance improvements when you’re followed by lots of accounts from a single instance with shared inbox support (Mastodon, Misskey, etc).
  • Avatars of unknown accounts are now shown as cute little GtS sloths in client applications.
  • Rate limit middleware!
  • Loads of bug fixes.
  • And more!

For more details and release downloads, please see here: https://github.com/superseriousbusiness/gotosocial/releases/tag/v0.5.0

When upgrading, please pay attention to the migration notes in the link above ^

Thank you to all contributors, testers, and everyone who made donations to our Liberapay and OpenCollective !!! <3

All documentation for GoToSocial can be viewed here: https://docs.gotosocial.org

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Got pictures from last Saturday from the 🇺🇦+🇩🇪 book reading in the Pablo Neruda library in Berlin: ~50 children and adults listening to "Ada & #Zangemann", and afterwards tinkering with a button machine and discussion questions about the book (Maxim gifted me this button 🤗).

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Hello fediverse!

Behind every sustainable FOSS project there's a a community, a bunch of committed individuals, and of course a vision!

Have you met us already btw and do you know what Karrot is all about? Here's the opportunity:
Karrot Days next weekend on the 16th & 17th! 🥳 🥕 🤩

Of special interest to people viewing this perhaps is a session about Karrot as a general community organising tool. You're welcome to check out the sessions and join anyone you'd like:

dem, web client is realy good!!! better then official Mastodon app :blobcatawwpat:

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Karrot is a free open source online platform for organising community volunteering and initiatives such as food sharing etc. You can follow at:

➡️ @karrot

To use Karrot, you can join an existing Karrot-powered site or start your own.

There's a flagship Karrot site at karrot.world with many existing community groups on it.

If you want to start your own site, you can get the code at github.com/karrot-dev

#Karrot #Community #Activism #NGOs #CoOp #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware

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Well, the news is out!

Thanks to Decibel & Athos Capitall we have secured the funding we needed!

We’re so excited!!


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Interested to know more about the history of the FSF and free software? Follow the FSF's thirty-five (plus!) years of advocating for software freedom with our timeline project: u.fsf.org/3fc #UserFreedom

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