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✍️An exciting find in our collection: hidden in the fold of an old print a genuine quill with ink residues.✍️

The quill is mainly known from the Middle Ages. According to various sources, the best quills were plucked from living birds - preferably geese - during springtime.

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Sweet spot for traveling with kid: the second their school ends at home, drag them to country where school vacation has not yet begun. Playgrounds full of preschoolers to tower over. Monopoly on ice cream.

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book safe! 📖🗝

THE CURE OF DEISM VOL. 2 (1739), personal collection

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Outside café, covid realists make strange bedfellows with smokers.

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One from our set of original woodcuts used to print the masthead of The Liberator. This is the version used from 1850 to 1865. BPL Cab.G.3.8

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Has anyone named or theorized the friendship equivalent of serial monogamy? As in, if you can be friends with your exes, what can you be for your ex friends? Is there a word for recognizing the friendship as past without expressing hostility or imputing betrayal? (Ferrante/life)

Finally, if you were a dead bibliophile’s lakeside villa, would the best way to entice the youth to visit be a pushbutton interactive display bullet pointing your founder’s charitable donations?

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Embarrassment narrowly averted: kept mishearing papyrus as “papier russe” and thinking of charlotte.

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There are dank underground archives with a broken vending machine, and then there are terraces adjoining dead magnates’ pet papyri.

And another pleasure derived from the weight of books: walking around with a bag sagging under multiple copies of the book you have written, knowing you can leave it sitting on the far side of the playground for hours as long as material is transparent enough.

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FIN except for my own citational endnotes: article in question by @AarthiVadde@twitter.com & @mmicir@twitter.com = Melanie Micir and Aarthi Vadde, “Obliterature: Toward an Amateur
Criticism,” Modernism/modernity 25, no. 3 (2018): 517–49.

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...inside baseball, the last thing those outside lit crit (as opposed to academia per se) want to spectate. FIN.

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"It is only the higher classes who can find a hero in a tailor, or amuse themselves with the details of a workman's household and economy." Likewise, discussions on the border separating professional readers from amateurs (who aren't necessarily non-academic) tend toward...

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...about other lay readers. Margaret Oliphant warns readers of "Byways of Literature" (1858) against the "mistake" of supposing that in "the special branch of literature provided for the multitude, anything about the said multitude is to be found": ...

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as audience. This feels to me like the odd term out: not only does writing ABOUT lay readers bear no necessary relation to writing FOR lay readers, but in my (limited) experience lay readers prefer not to spend their finite appetite for listening to literary critics on hearing...

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"No longer naïve because of her banal identifications and poor literary taste, the lay reader
is now cast as a politically dubious figure." Skiveren points to conflicting roles of lay reader as repoussoir/contradistingee (is there a word for that?); as model; and (actually 3/4)

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"How do postcritical scholars reevaluate practices of lay reading without becoming lay readers themselves?"
"The attachment to lay reading also complicates the formation of viable alternatives to critique."

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But since my tweet was itself backhanded, herewith some zingers from @TSkiveren@twitter.com's "Postcritique and the problem of the lay reader" (muse.jhu.edu/article/856391) 🧵[thread emoji because there's no commonplace book emoji]

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In otherwise interesting article, cringing at Columbian logic of backhanded citation: "In the work
of Micir and @AarthiVadde@twitter.com, for instance, one has to scrutinize their footnotes to discover that..." Dude, they made the point. Cutting and pasting it to body of yr text is easy.

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