Anyone want to write a simple OS targeting the VirtualBox paravirtualization interface?

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Hardware is a huge issue.
Back in the day you have a parallel port. super easy to use and customize. Today you have USB, which is a mess.

Also modern hardware fails quickly (electrolytic caps and whatnot) and it can be difficult to get modern hardware to run old software.

You learn about new math, then its hard.
Then you figure it out and it's easy.
Then you learn about new math...

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The DEC PDP-11 computer was designed in the 1970s, it will be supported until 2050.

Think any modern computer model will be working or used in 80 years?

Database with 1 Billion rows is

Always nice when a database company tells you that you are pushing the edge... and you're using a raspi!

If anyone has ideas for example datasets and questions for the cluster I'm all ears.

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I now have a distributed database running on some raspis with > 1Billion rows.

I'm now importing rows into a database running on a couple raspis at 47k rows per second

multithreading in python is always fun :D

I know it's been a long time, but the availability and low cost of computing continues to astound me.

Going through the kaggle courses is not improving my opinion of ML.

Think I'm gonna work through the kaggle classes next week, anyone wanna do it with me?

Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series
Pretty good, little heavy on the detective tropes, but good read.

A Good Programmer Looks Both Ways Before Crossing a One-Way Street

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