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Closest I'll ever get to posting a lewd/EC 

I just need like 3 boosts for my self-esteem


4.4 bsd in total is around 5 million lines of code. That is an entire operating system.

Chrome is around 6Million... what the fuck?
Firefox 10M

Just a note:
$ mount | wc -l
This infuriates me!

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There are two types of people.
Those who jump at the new cool technology, and those who reach for the proven, tried and true.

I'm the second.

@theplague would you admin my home machines for me?

Kinda want to make a scalable web service in COBOL just to prove you can do it.

I think the depression is starting to set in.

So, looks like I have configured my own kubernetes cluster... now what?

Kubernetes cluster installed in virtualbox, now what?

Discovered band Helalyn Flowers. Me likey.

Hmm, new box runs too hot at full tilt. Time to build that water cooling rig.

not sure if most valuable purchase was a good monitor or my kuereg.

I have a 12 outlet power strip under my desk and I still run out of plugs... :(

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