As long as I remain suspended on the bird site, you are authorised to plagiarise my toots here to tweet there. You may give me credit if you so feel like, but that's optional


I have 28000 followers on Twitter, but I joined here to show solidarity with you. I suggest you don't need Twitter anymore. Let twitter suffer. 🙏🙏🙏

Kind regards

@Bhavika @sanjayuvacha agree but I don't think he should let go of the suit although it's his money and time. It's a freedom of expression issue. But yeah, the final decision is the learned counsel's.

@Bhavika if you add your :mastodon: address to the location field of Twitter profile, it will get "verified"!

@Bhavika Oh yeah! of course!

Put your :mastodon: web address in the URL field of your Twitter profile.

@Bhavika I don't know why it doesn't verify it. Maybe the instance is still processing @stux

You could delete the URL from your profile and add it back again after some time. I did it in that order. First I updated my Twitter profile and then I updated my Mastodon profile.

@ahalam We are currently a few 'jobs' behind indeed, it could take a little more time than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience :0130:


@ahalam @Bhavika
I wish someone puts up screenshots so the steps to get a verified blue tick mark is simplified. It is too confusing. 😊

@MMrsHegde Verification on :mastodon: is linking your profile here to your other web addresses. If you have a blog or a website, put a link to your profile here on that blog with a rep="me" attribute. Instructions will be on Have a look at how I have filled out my profile metadata table.

@MMrsHegde I had first update update my Twitter profile with a link to my :mastodon: profile.


create a account in, after that follow the steps, in display name.. u can use watever, i used mastodon with colon..after all done u can move the followers from the earlier id


its just emoji,

type mentioned emoji names, u want and use colon : prefix and suffix without space.

working in

I went to
So I have to create my profile again. Ok. So how do I link that profile to this bcos I can't see any followers on that one.

I logged into
Now it has the blue tick. But now I have 2 profiles. First one without blue tick. 2nd one with blue tick. It is confusing. Using the I am able to use the same timeline feed on mastadon to interact with you.

@kondrai how do I do it? 😂 Do I manually ask each follower or is there a shorter way? Thanks for the help!

@MMrsHegde @kondrai A blue tick doesn't have relevance in mastodon as it is possible to create multiple mastodon accounts with the exact same handle name from different instances and also have a blue tick. You can use Keybase app if you need verification or just having the link of your mastodon account on your twitter handle can act as a verification also a method to identify the correct one regardless of how many duplicates are created.

@Bhavika and then go and update your profile once again so that it goes out to fetch your twitter profile page once again.

@Bhavika @sanjayuvacha
Bhavika you are one of the most inspiring person in Twitter
You will get back all your sane followers 💪 to you

@Bhavika @sanjayuvacha Same here! I think Twitter has slowly and steadily become a platform for RW sanghis....I don't think there is any moderation happening at their end. Even if they are moderating, must be done by BJP IT wing

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