Do you agree BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are no less than militant organizations?

@wordswolf @Bhavika They are all part of The Ravana Sena.

Naming them by something which clash with their ideology at the same time correctly describing their hate or terror activities.

It should be a name which also make others think about joining them. In today's world even if we called them as a terrorist they are fine as long as they their ideology is maintained.

@Bhavika India is going to the pre 1947 era.One dacade already lost. How many more?

@Bhavika In pak militant organizations have indirect connection with govt. Whereas in India VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal...we don't need to say about connection with central govt.

Democracy doomed when a fascist won election in 2014. Hopes lost when another terrorist send to parliament.


◾ The Communist Party of India (M) has been officially listed as the 6th most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world.

◾ BJP is the best thing that happened to India in a long time. Congress looks like a militant organisation compared to them.

◾ I don't think these parties - VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are militants. They are rough and unrefined. But they represent the voice of a large section of people that the educated elite thinks don't exist.

#JNU #India #UrbanNaxal #Leftwing #Rightwing

@Bhavika Hii...!! Are you able to login to your birdsite account now?

@HalkutHateli , Not yet. No reply from Twitter. I am not receiving any SMS to login with 2FA.
Strange and frustrating ,

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