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@INCIndia means Love

@BJP4India means Hate 

Cong means Hope

BJP means Disappointment & Depression 

Cong means Secularism 

BJP means RSS's Radical Hindutva 

Cong means Prosperity 

BJP means Pakoda biz

Cong means Poor's voice

BJP means Capitalist's servant

Cong means Light

BJP means Darkness

Cong means Freedom

BJP means Fear 

Cong means Progressive Liberal India

BJP means narrow minded Talibani India

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Problems given by public:
- Unemployment
- Agriculture
- Economy, GDP & Trade deficit
- Drinking Water
- Rapes
- Terrorism
- Business Friendly Environment
- Tourism Revenue

Solutions given by :
- 370
- Ram Mandir
- Pragya Thakur
- Sengar & Chinmayanand
- Pakodanomics
- Demonetization
- Fasal Bima fraud
- Citizen Amendment Bill
- Kashmir


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Do you agree BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are no less than militant organizations?

Short term memory loss of people of India. All have forgotten what happened last year. Today again they are playing the game that this nincompoop govt conspires them to play. Hindu-Muslim.

Covid: India sees world's highest daily cases amid oxygen shortage - BBC News

This is very true

All the faithful sincere men 👏🙏🏻

"Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the dangerous politics of bulldozers that have been started to destroy minorities especially Muslims under the guise of crime prevention in BJP-ruled states,”

India: Muslim group takes ‘dangerous bulldozer politics’ to court | Islamophobia News | Al Jazeera

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A Hindu girl was murdered for declining a marriage proposal in the Sukkur district of Sindh, a province in Pakistan.As per reports, the accused, Wahid Bux Lashari, intended to marry Pooja Kumari, 18, after converting her to Islam.After Pooja refused, Lashari broke into her house to kidnap her.When she resisted the abduction, he opened fire on her.

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@Amber @Bhavika most Hindus and even the educated ones who start from small centres...that is everyone on local/rural levels ; every single one is fed communal hatred since their childhood itself. In Gujarat, since days of free SMS to whatsapp...communal mindset, trolling & abuse of oppositions are preached evetlry single day to project that India literally has no other alternative. To think this kindof ruthless, toxic propaganda can be fought with logical arguments ; a mistake.

India is living a 1930s Germany's life cycle.

It is at the growth stage at the moment, let's see when it will reach the peak and then the decline will start. Phewww!

Jaldbazi se kuchh nahin hoga.

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@Bhavika I would like to understand later more about Indian politics, since it's an important country to learn about.

BJP is effectively using bigotry and hate against Muslims to hide its' incompetency and 360⁰ governance failures,


unless the common public prioritises important issues, the BJP will continue to consolidate its vote bank regardless of performance. Awareness is important.

The media is hiding the anti-incumbency & governance failures of BJP by airing non-stop hateful communal debates and the propaganda agenda of BJP.

It can only be restored to normal news work when a couple of godi journalists are grilled by the public and are punished publicly.

2008 GDP per capita
India : $1000
China: $2700

2021 GDP per capita
India : $1900
China :$10000

India is falling into the trap of lower income permanently. Showing all symptoms & will never be able to come out. China has come out from this trap like Singapore & South Korea.

It's normally a 25-30 years cycle when a nation jumps to become high income nation, but under Modi is reaching no where. What a pathetic situation.

Did Govt of or Israel PM promote "Schindler's List"?

Did of Israel raise slogans against Germans after watching the movie Schindler's List?

Did Jews media abuse German population when film "Schindler's List" was released?

Just curious 🤔

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The hoax Delhi Model of #BJPkiAAP is no different from the earlier fake GujModel.

Both are perpetrated by a deluge of hysterical & dishonest advertising with humungous PR budgets & buying lapdog support.

If the Prime Minister start promoting sectarian riots then you can well imagine how much insecure he is.

Modi is destroying India.

BJP-RSS knows very well that without Gandhi family Indian National Congress will become an ordinary opposition and finishing that opposition will be easier.

Every true Congressi knows that conspiracy very well.


The question is why the G-23 is speaking the language of BJP-RSS? If the league of extraordinary gentlemen G-23 feels there should be a change in leadership then what stops them fighting party elections against Gandhi family? They are free to do so, right?

Why these guys are going public and becoming a part BJP-RSS conspiracy?

I guess, it is high time, party must kick out these 23 jokers and let them join the party for which they are damaging the Congress .

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Hindus are voting for BJP in India is a factually incorrect narrative :-

Hindus are voting for BJP's hindutva propaganda. No, this is not true.

Out of 90 crores voters and around 57 crores those who voted in 2019; only 21 crores voters voted for BJP in 2019.

Even if I remove Muslim voters still 57-7= 50 , 50-21 = 29 crores voters

These 29 crores Hindus voted against RSS-BJP in 2019.

Congress should work on these 29 crores, forget about those 21 crores gobar hate filled zombies. Those are slaves of sangh. Build a strong narrative from today onwards.

There's one American company that has refused to shut down its business in Russia :

Christopher Wynne's company "Papa John's Pizza" refused to shut any of its' 190 outlets..


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So India (under Islamophobic RSS) after using courts to spread Islamophobia in India today (March 15) is complaining about March 15 (today) being made International day to combat Islamophobia.
Peak Hypocrisy!
RT @aveeksen
UN General Assembly adopts resolution introduced by OIC to proclaim March 15 as International Day to Combat Islamophobia. India's representative @ambtstirumurti⁩ upset. Said India concerned on marking phobia against…

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