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@INCIndia means Love

@BJP4India means Hate 

Cong means Hope

BJP means Disappointment & Depression 

Cong means Secularism 

BJP means RSS's Radical Hindutva 

Cong means Prosperity 

BJP means Pakoda biz

Cong means Poor's voice

BJP means Capitalist's servant

Cong means Light

BJP means Darkness

Cong means Freedom

BJP means Fear 

Cong means Progressive Liberal India

BJP means narrow minded Talibani India

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Problems given by public:
- Unemployment
- Agriculture
- Economy, GDP & Trade deficit
- Drinking Water
- Rapes
- Terrorism
- Business Friendly Environment
- Tourism Revenue

Solutions given by :
- 370
- Ram Mandir
- Pragya Thakur
- Sengar & Chinmayanand
- Pakodanomics
- Demonetization
- Fasal Bima fraud
- Citizen Amendment Bill
- Kashmir


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Do you agree BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are no less than militant organizations?

My generation of Indians has often been disappointed in our country, and we have sometimes despaired about the direction it was taking, but it’s been impossible for us to stop hoping.

Hello friends,
Do read this article. 🙏

"My generation of Indians has often been disappointed in our country, and we have sometimes despaired about the direction it was taking, but it’s been impossible for us to stop hoping."

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सरकार के समक्ष सबसे बड़ी चुनौती स्थानीय आबादी में यह मिथक तोड़ेने की है कि 'बिहार कोरोना (COVID-19) को खा गया है' : पटना हाईकोर्ट #PatnaHighCourt


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I always enjoy writing and posting my thoughts at Mastodon, still can't believe why do people prefer bird site. 🙄😐

Good morning my lovely friends at Mastodon

Building a nation with assets, institutions that too with communal harmony right from the scratch is different than selling institutions and spreading communal hate in the name of development.

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Rajasthan has managed COVID-19 with low fatality rates. They were serious about containment zones.
In Delhi, one house in a locality was considered a containment zone. As cases increased, containment zones decreased: Congress Gen Secy Ajay Maken

Story when Mughals invaded
- Disunity
- Greed
- Fear
- Silent public

Story when Britishers invaded
- Disunity
- Greed
- Fear
- Silent public

Story when Fascists are invading democratic India
- Disunity
- Greed
- Fear
- Silent public


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@Amber @Bhavika yea I deleted my twitter account too. Its quite addictive, and very depressing. Those online trolls say anything against any community for the sake of polarizations, and it boils your blood, you end up thinking, there was a time when no one dared to say such stuff. Then..... u give a man a mask, and you ll see his true self. And here on top of it, they give them agenda and 2 Rs too.

- Religious hate
- Nazy party devotees
- Capitalists who funded Nazy party
- Media Manipulation
- Zero Opposition
- Jingoism

- Religious hate
- RSS BJP party devotees
- Capitalists who are funding RSS BJP party
- Media Manipulation
- Zero Opposition
- Jingoism

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Wishing you a happy Diwali. I hope this Diwali be an awesome celebration for you and you be blessed with wealth and success always.
Let's celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and light up the world of others. Have a happy, safe, and blessed Diwali!

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@Bhavika, How exactly?

- People who can raise the voice are landing in jail, that too with sedition charges.
- Students, kids are in jail for "anti national" activities, because they expressed dissent.

- Apart from Congress there is no opposition.

- PIL and courts have become irrelevant, courts have become Modi's pet.

- Media has sold its consciousness.

- People have started to accept their miserable lives as their fate.

How do you change that? I can see only a big disaster.

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@Bhavika, For what? Now the things are getting worst, leave career and money aside, daily survival is becoming a challenge

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Many friends are asking me these days why I am not active on social media, why I am not writing my political views.

The reason for this is very simple, I am fed up with people of India.

This country has gone into the hands of immoral fools & criminals and most of the people of the country are also behaving like idiots.

India is on the path of complete self destruction and seems it's a one-way street ......meaning, new India will not be created until the present one is completely destroyed.

Shat shat naman..Happy Birthday Bapu 🙏

We need your guidance today to fight against evils. Bless us so we can also take your path of Non-violence, Non-coperation and Satyagrah and liberate India again from the clatch of autocratic fascists.

Read this article exposing Indian govt and its modus operandi to make SC a puppet.


"... nowhere has the collapse of judicial power been more extreme than in India. Over the past six years, the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has taken India away from the liberal, democratic and secular principles that it has long endorsed. "

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