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Problems given by public:
- Unemployment
- Agriculture
- Economy, GDP & Trade deficit
- Drinking Water
- Rapes
- Terrorism
- Business Friendly Environment
- Tourism Revenue

Solutions given by :
- 370
- Ram Mandir
- Pragya Thakur
- Sengar & Chinmayanand
- Pakodanomics
- Demonetization
- Fasal Bima fraud
- Citizen Amendment Bill
- Kashmir


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Do you agree BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are no less than militant organizations?

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Happy Women's Day to all ladies !

You are better version of humans 👍

Incident :- on 8th Nov 2016

Result :- Banks, Real Estate, Manufacturing devastation, increased unemployment, poverty & farmer suicides, declined demand, High US $, low GDP growth rate, Riots & intl insult

Response :- Nehru did it, Cong is responsible


If you have a "Tadipar" as your country's home minister then don't expect peaceful prosperous country.
He will do everything that can continue to make him relevant.
Spreading riots and communal hate.

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Bihar House rejects NRC, new NPR

The Bihar Assembly on Tuesday unanimously decided not to implement the National Register of Citizens and none of the BJP legislators objected to it, becoming the first NDA-ruled state to pass a resolution against the NRC.

Little people are intolerant, 

Selfish and impatient. 

Wise people are calm, loving and understanding. 

                       -Maxime Lagacé 

Good Morning Friends

Pray for peace, Be compassionate and extend your help to those who are in need. Keep humanity above religion


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RT @NrcProtest
Another Road block (chakka jaam) in Delhi, this time at Khureji

This movement is unstoppable now!

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The denial rate of H1B visas has risen from 6% up to 24% over the last couple of years. It's time we ask these tough questions and don't reduce Mr. Trump's visit into a promotional stunt:



When a moron who claims that he saw chaiwala making tea using Nala gas to his gas stove directly receives this praise :-

"You, prime minister, are a versatile genius, an internationally acclaimed visionary.."

That too by a Supreme Court's sitting judge, then you can easily imagine Law and Order condition of India.


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@Bhavika ..

Already bakre ko halal k pehle mota kar diya..

He just gave 4605cr to dairy industry in announcement.. same dairy he has already inked to sell to Trumpoo..bas photography hi hogi 24th ko..

So..before all noise gets louder..this 4605cr will confuse people n bakra halal Aaram se chupke se ho gaya😄

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Keep a close observation on Trade deals during Trump visit.

Remember, USA never compromise its interests, it will be interesting to see how many millions we now have to spend to make him happy.

Hope govt will not act like a US slave.


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I have been reading about AAP aspirations to go National. But, AAP must understand, it has got huge number of seats not because of its governance but because people were fed up of Hindu-Muslim propaganda of BJP.

Voters didn't have any choice and hence they voted AAP.

If AAP model was accepted then Sisodia wouldn't have struggled. BJP has bagged 42% voted

If AAP wants to go National then it has "built" new schools and hospitals etc. Denting painting model won't work at National level.

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@Amber @vikram @Bhavika I don't agree. It was not CIA but Bush who decided to attack Iraq.CIA Head's interview is there in Youtube. Iran problem started from 1978 after Islamic Revolution which was not brought about by the CIA.Afghanistan was destroyed due to Soviet invasion. They wanted to inflict losses on Afghans wherever they were.We cannot blame CIA for Hinduphobia. India is just going back to what it was many years ago. Read'The Long Afternoon' book to understand the Hindu-Muslim animosity

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@Amber @vikram @Bhavika My prediction is that it will take another 15 years for India to be back on track. But by that time, the foreigners would have advanced so much that we could not catch up with them. They will conquer us with Tech in which we r laggards. FDI is going to be fully opened without any restrictions for foreign companies which should not be done. Same thing they did in Argentina but look at what happened there. Now the NDA gov has no options but to open it to attract investors.

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My wild observations :- 

Post WW 2, the CIA doesn't want any more power to be blossomed in world apart from USA & friends.

CIA destroyed Afganistan to keep its presence in region, made Taliban

CIA broke USSR into pieces, made Al-Qayda

CIA destroyed Iraq for oil , made ISIS

CIA messing up with Iran , killed Iran general, imposed bans and restricted trade

CIA is unhappy with China , trade wars and now Corona virus

CIA is using Pakistan and India to sell its arms

Continued in next Toot

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CIA manufactured two non secular PMs Imran Khan and Modi

CIA funded 2013-14 govt change drama in India because it wanted non Congress govt in India 

India was going at rapid speed in 2011-2012 there CIA derailed it. 

- A radical mindset govt in India is a sure thing it will never become Super Power, even skills & knowledge wise.

My wild thoughts ⚠️🙏

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I actually thought many times that I should drop my own judgements for Modi and his government and analyse the atmosphere from neutral point of view. However, even in that process I fail to find answers like :- 

What is priority of govt ? Hindutva or Development?

What is more important ? Building Ram Temple or managing the unemployment ? Which btw is now in grave situation 37% youth aged 20 to 24 are unemployed. 

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What should be addressed ? Banking issues, Economy Slowdown , Demand Issues or CAA_NCR ?

Not sure what is that bhakt can see which I always fail to see. 

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एग्जिट पोल शुरू होने से पहले मैं अपनी भविष्यवाणी कर रहा हूं, ताकि कोई मुझ पर इसे बदलने का आरोप न लगा सके।
11 फरवरी को चौकाने वाला होगा अंतिम परिणाम ..

@stux , Happy Birthday Stux ! Have a great day ...Enjoy

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