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@INCIndia means Love

@BJP4India means Hate 

Cong means Hope

BJP means Disappointment & Depression 

Cong means Secularism 

BJP means RSS's Radical Hindutva 

Cong means Prosperity 

BJP means Pakoda biz

Cong means Poor's voice

BJP means Capitalist's servant

Cong means Light

BJP means Darkness

Cong means Freedom

BJP means Fear 

Cong means Progressive Liberal India

BJP means narrow minded Talibani India

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Problems given by public:
- Unemployment
- Agriculture
- Economy, GDP & Trade deficit
- Drinking Water
- Rapes
- Terrorism
- Business Friendly Environment
- Tourism Revenue

Solutions given by :
- 370
- Ram Mandir
- Pragya Thakur
- Sengar & Chinmayanand
- Pakodanomics
- Demonetization
- Fasal Bima fraud
- Citizen Amendment Bill
- Kashmir


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Do you agree BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are no less than militant organizations?

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@Amber I'm based in France and we're (just a bit LMAOOOOO) really in a terrible situation about Covid 😅
We're still in lockdown, because we don't have enought vaccine for our population and the virus was dangerous in every parts of France.
No, actually we have vaccine but we export all of our vaccine in England (because the british government paid a lot) but it makes me nervous to see England is feeling better than us by using French vaccine (which is good of course) and we don't have anything!

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After reading news about India situation, also the stupidity of Modi govt on every count ( be it economy or employment or handling covid) , I feel my decision to leave India was a wise one.

I have no regret leaving India story behind me.

down with

Chyawanprash didn't work I guess ..

Jaise jaise petrol, diesel , aur retail items kee keemat upar jaa rahi hain.........waise waise...

....sahab ki keemat gir kar do kaudi kee hoti jaa rahi hai....


Question : How to destroy a powerful nation easily without fight or without spending a single penny?

Answer : Just induct a fool/ megalomaniac / narcissist/religious bigot to rule that nation.

(BTW Modi has all four qualities)


Join Congress SM team, it's important to make this party stronger than ever.

Our beloved country is under serious attack of fascism in form of RSS-BJP.
It is our duty to save the nation from fascism. Spread the ideology India, join Congress SM Team

You elected a leader who was culprit of Godhra massacre, you re-elected him even after demonetization deaths, pulwama deaths, and now you are expecting him to show sensitivity for farmer deaths !... I guess joke is on you.

Hello Friends,
Here's my first tweet of 2021 :

Let’s do some wonderful things this year
Let’s rediscover our Midas touch
Let’s achieve infinite possibilities
Let's grow and touch the zenith of sky
Let’s become better version of ourselves

Good Morning my lovely friends🤗😙

When you pray God listens,
When you listen God talks,
When you believe God works.

Let's pray for a healthy, happy & prosperous 2021. Say bye-bye a bad forgettable 2020

Good morning my lovely friends
🤗 😚

Hello friends
Are you active on Mastodon ? I wanna remain active here but I don't get response. Looks like people are not active here. 🙄

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@Bhavika kisi chowkidaar k paas kuch naya nahi hai kahne ko.

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@Bhavika it sure sounds amusing to read these same comments from them just occassionally from people who constantly get them, but I don't even know what it feels like to be receiving these whether a person can forever pay no much heed to these kind of labeling. :( It's real good you could and do air them out. 👏

Bhakts in my DM inbox :

Tujhe Modi se itni problem kyon hai? Tu jalti hai Modi ji se ........

Finally after bit of argument👇
Tu librandu hai...Tu mulli hai..tu Pakistani hai...tu deshdrohi hai...tu tukde tukde gang wali hai

Posting without my comments 🤐
You decide yourself about BJP govt led by Modi

As per BJP leaders & supporters :-

Before 2014 : Public Loot
After 2014 : Development


- High US $ Vs INR
- High Petrol & Diesel price
- Unemployment
- Retail inflation
- FDI, GST, Demonetization
- Privatization
- Reforms
- Disinvestment

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