So, inadvertently a document highlighting human rights abuses by security forces in Kashmir got shared by police to media. Goof Up! Document included screenshots of pro-Kashmir tweets or reports, pictures of torture by security forces & statements made by different leaders.

Isn't social media surveillance questionable? Posts, tweets & reports on Kashmir under constant monitoring. Why?

Screening citizens for their political views, tracking behavior, collection of info by govt & law enforcement agencies, monitoring students, activists & protesters.

Democracy requires vibrant public spaces free from constant surveillance. Not only such monitoring violates privacy, suppresses freedom of expression but also it erodes democratic rights of citizens. If this gets worse we are no less than an authoritarian state.

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Undue state surveillance raises risk of impairment of constitutionally protected activities in long run. It sends fear among citizens from vulnerable, marginalized communities & also people living in areas of conflict. Are we denying them their rights?

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@BhavanaVarun I dont think that we are less than an authoritarian state.

@Haidersayed But the question is, are we accepting such a state? Where do we draw the line?

@kushal Chk the news itself. It says that the tweets and statements by leaders like Faesal, Shehla & others were tracked.

@BhavanaVarun mastodon was not showing me the full thread, now I found the thread and the link. Thank you.

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