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Will you call it love if it isn't making your soul ache for eternity. If it isn't sneaking from the hidden corners of your heart, to confront you in most unforeseen ways and ask,
Will you walk with me when its you and your longing, will you fall for me when I am an ocean, will you fly with me like a summer breeze, will you rise with me like mist over the sea.
Hope you are here to stay! Love. 😊

— Bhavana Varun

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Sometimes thoughts are deceptive. What must we do, when one needs to hold the ground or sense what we have within our hearts?
We need to be aware! When there is awareness, you don't need array of thoughts to have a sense of reality. Thoughts cannot pull you away so easily if you are aware. Rather than chasing behind a state or fighting with oneself, know who you are.
Amidst noises and distractions, thoughtlessness is a necessity for understanding deeper sense of our existence. - @BhavanaVarun

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It all started on 5th of November. I'll remember it well. Will you?
Here we are, bunch of mad people, who wish to see a change, who defy the norms, who know they will create a world out of this disorder. Nascent, but they'll do. I have this belief that we can do it together, transforming ideas, sharing hope, trusting one another because we believe in uplifting. Hate isn't for us. Love is! Love is!


Join for in your respective places. Although in India, Govt has imposed section 144 to deter people from protesting which is unconstitutional because protesting is a fundamental right of citizens. Let's hope all come in large numbers and make themselves heard.

The police across this country are trying to stifle with these ridiculous Section 144 orders.

There's only one response possible to this.


BREAKING: students of NLS are holding a candlelight vigil until 5am tomorrow to protest against the arbitrary imposition of Section 144 throughout Karnataka.


Thousands of students across 50 major cities in Pakistan held rallies demanding restoration of their unions and improvement in educational facilities.

RT @shahalam13
Lancet, ranked India’s healthcare system at 145 out of 195 countries, worse than Syria. Our Infant Mortality Rates r worse than Iraq. Our hunger indices worst than sub Saharan Africa.
War alone is not needed to devastate a nation. A defunct ruling class can b equally effective.

There are few conversations that you have, only with yourself!

Cheers! Our account on just got approved, we can now also accept donations for on here now!♥️

@stux hey I am running to try to help onboard folks and signal boost fedi stuff on twitter. If you want to help in anyway!

@KnottedBow Yeah! Else I thought y'all are too young to give advices and suggestions. Kids grow fasters than all the boomers 😂😁

Winters already, indeed.
And the quick passage of time.

And most importantly...
this is a lift from a tweet on birdsite..

The last TEEN year. 😂


No one knows about our body and mind better than ourselves. Breathing indeed, makes one feel alive. Connecting with our selves is like rejuvenating each of our broken pieces. It's like joining all the dots in life and stepping towards healing. Glad, that you are on that path. Have a blessed Sunday and beautiful week ahead. 💗

When you're thinking about your breathing, whether you're spritual/health-conscious or not, these ideas start to come up. Because all answers to life lie in our breathing. The trick really is, to keep breathing. And there's a whole lifetime of discovering how to do that well. #SwimLife

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Dissent and criticism used to be normal and acceptable in our country till sometime back. They have now been browbeaten into submission and these voices have been completely suppressed. It is such a sad reflection of our times that when someone does it now, there seems to be some sort of disproportionate euphoria.

We should never ever forget that:

Sudha Bharadwaj was the first one to raise this issue.

It for things like this that Sudha is behind bars today.

Several such incidents never make it to the news.

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How he was silenced by RW goons in broad day light. No wonder his death reminds us of Rohith Vemula, how religious fanatics and supermacists bring down those who stand against oppression and exploitation of
It's the same reason why Gauri Lankesh, Dabholkar, Pansare, Loya lost their lives and same reason why Sanjiv Bhatt and Sudha Bharadwaj are still in jail.

I still prefer awareness than realizations. Knowing doesn't harm you. Being aware about ourselves & our surroundings neither. Know your worth. Know your heart. Know what to expect & how much to expect. Know when you’ve had enough. Know when to say No. Know when to move on from people who aren't worthy of your time, your love & your existence. Know it's not your first and it won't be your last. Know how to heal. Know that after every fall you'll rise. Know that you deserve better & the best!

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