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Will you call it love if it isn't making your soul ache for eternity. If it isn't sneaking from the hidden corners of your heart, to confront you in most unforeseen ways and ask,
Will you walk with me when its you and your longing, will you fall for me when I am an ocean, will you fly with me like a summer breeze, will you rise with me like mist over the sea.
Hope you are here to stay! Love. 😊

— Bhavana Varun

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Sometimes thoughts are deceptive. What must we do, when one needs to hold the ground or sense what we have within our hearts?
We need to be aware! When there is awareness, you don't need array of thoughts to have a sense of reality. Thoughts cannot pull you away so easily if you are aware. Rather than chasing behind a state or fighting with oneself, know who you are.
Amidst noises and distractions, thoughtlessness is a necessity for understanding deeper sense of our existence. - @BhavanaVarun

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It all started on 5th of November. I'll remember it well. Will you?
Here we are, bunch of mad people, who wish to see a change, who defy the norms, who know they will create a world out of this disorder. Nascent, but they'll do. I have this belief that we can do it together, transforming ideas, sharing hope, trusting one another because we believe in uplifting. Hate isn't for us. Love is! Love is!


How convenient it is for haters to shift the narrative. I'm shocked to core as I witnessed it myself. When @SidrahDP speaks about rights & concerns of students/youth from minority communities, she's being labeled as communal or polarizing person. Pathetic to see how haters have dehumanized people & serious issues they raise by stereotyping dissenters! It seems, our country has no place for those who resist. Disgusting!

Kids dying of hunger, people suffering while states are in despair, students being harassed in educational institutions, activists being abused each day online, scholars struggling for what they deserve, educational rights being muzzled more than ever, excessive fee hikes like in JNU. If one can't feel their pain, they certainly are a bigot!

If Kashmir suffers, while you rejoice. If 370 happened & its normal for you. If you have no empathy with the ones whose rights have been taken away, who face discrimination each moment, whose generations suffered, who are denied dignity, identity & their right to self determination. If you are the ones who preach others. 'Go! Forget your past.'
Then the problem is YOU! If it is happening in your name, now is the time to take a stand. Dig deeper into your conscience.

On several occasions, when I raised concerns over harassment of activists, scholars & students who come from marginalised sections of society. When I speak about issues, that are often inadequately addressed with respect to Dalits and Tribals population, I'm being labeled as divisive or one who does caste politics.

#caste101 If you want to understand the caste system and the history of India's anti-caste movement, B R Ambedkar is the most important figure. You can read all his collected works here #india

Seeming intelligent people squabbling over mental health/mental illness/mine is more important than yours only underlines the desperate need for more awareness.

For the #India new mastodon users specially, will you be interested in a weekly #digitalsecurity office hour where I will be taking questions about security and #privacy here and answer / demo over both video + on toots? Please boost for more reach

@Vishsai @ashwin @SabinaBasha

Those addicted to birdsite are clueless that all this while, they were tricked. 😁

@ashwin @SabinaBasha

Actually, emoji as fun is fine but if it is carried here with certain intention, that's not good.
I am amazed, people are still using this space like birdsite. Its weird! Why is it so hard for people to open up their hearts and talk. Why all this portrayal & projections. 😁

@ashwin @SabinaBasha

High time! Blue tick obsession should stop. Had seen way too much on birdsite. They are mostly paid accounts, whom twitter verifies & supports as per the business or other interests.
Glad, we don't see such madness here. Hopefully, people should take care of it and ensure its about engagement and not about promoting supremacy.

Request : Tooters who have a blue tick after their name in Masodon, please remove. It is a status symbol, a relic of the BirdSite. We really have no place for a caste or class heirachy here. Of course, it is upto you.

I also desperately want to start a PeerTube instance for musicians but currently I can’t afford the server. Anyone want to pool together?

Hi newbs from #India, welcome to the #fediverse!
#Mastodon/ #Pleroma/ #Misskey, good! #Twitter, bad
#Pixelfed/ #Plume, good! #Instagram, bad.
#Peertube, good! #YouTube, bad.
#Friendica/ #Hubzilla, good! #Facebook, bad.
#Funkwhale, good! #SoundCloud, meh.
F-Droid, good! #Google playstore, bad.
& so on..
(no you don't need accounts on multiple platforms, just 1 account on 1 of the servers/instances will allow you to reach all of them as long as they share the same underlying protocols.)

British citizens of Indian origin are beginning to worry about the BJP's efforts to influence UK's elections. This is a looming Indian foreign policy disaster


It's the noblest of all if we have intentions & courage to pursue it. Love.. that is! 💜


Those who have had no idea of what was happening.
As khalil gibran says," u don't choose love, love chooses u if it finds u capable of the crown"


Keep your sanity and heart intact. If you're beautiful inside and out, people would see that. Brokenness isn't forever and so is silence. :)


N just when u Do all to move on..the strings of soul bind u back.

I loved The Prophet in school but today I have lived each ita words. Never imagined words come true.


@SilkyNsa Test of time, they say! When it happens in love, it's the toughest. Not all have courage to walk that path. Those who have done so, have found their world.

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