Hello! I’m Barbara. Dipping my toes into Mastodon, particularly

Any recommendations?


Well, there's plenty of people here that seem to enjoy all of those.

What have you been reading or writing lately?

@randynose Good to hear! Right now I’m reading a mystery novel by Louise Penny. I’m also a fan of Katie Kellough’s short stories.

To be honest, I don't do a whole lot of reading.

But I do like detective type of stories.
The Murdoch Mysteries TV show and Black Jack Justice podcast.

I was kind of hoping someone else would see your message and chime in. At least in that regard.

But since that hasn't happened...

I'm going to take a couple of other peoples... To welcome you.


@randynose @Tay0 @claudiom @stux Mystery shows are great! Love them, too. Thank you for your kind recommendations and introductions.

@BarbaraMcVeigh @randynose @Tay0 @stux One of these days, I'll have to set up both a Gemini capsule and a Gopherhole. :flan_smile:


Yeah, now I need to find an Android browser for Gemini..

This also has me thinking about zero net...

I just wish my ISP would have better upload speeds.

@BarbaraMcVeigh @Tay0 @stux

@randynose What app are you using? I have two installed: Ariane and Deedum. @BarbaraMcVeigh @Tay0 @stux

@claudiom @BarbaraMcVeigh @Tay0 @stux

Xenia w/ Ghostery . I guess I'm using it right. 🤷‍♂️
Xenia seems to want to use a normal browser.

@BarbaraMcVeigh Welcome! I recommend navigating around in the local and federated timelines, and if you see posts you like interact with those users and possibly follow them.

There are no algorithms here to point you to other accounts. Its more of an open world, explore for yourself type of deal.

I hope you enjoy your time here in the Fediverse!

@Mundon Thank you! So much to learn & explore here. A new world 🌏

@BarbaraMcVeigh I've been in the Fediverse for a while now and have zero regrets.

@BarbaraMcVeigh Welcome! Check out @feditips for tips, and try the hashtag #ff for follow recommendations.

A short toot with five to seven hashtags about subjects you're interested in is helpful.

@scm Hello! Thank you! What does the “sdf” stand for in your server name?


Super Dimension Fortress is a very old school and unique place if you want to visit the unix command line.

Kinda cool.


@randynose @BarbaraMcVeigh Yeah, that's the place. Home of creative types like myself that enjoy the command line (shell), free as in freedom software and culture, and retro computing.

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