At Oulton Park watching Superbikes zoom around. It's jolly exciting.

Spent too long yesterday configuring on my It's close to being great.

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Flat tyre morning. Got it all sorted in about 15 minutes though!

Somehow broke the only 3.5mm jack to jack lead I own the, day before I need it for a gig!

Ugh, the office WiFi doesn't allow peer connections so I couldn't use my . Fortunatly it was as simple to resolve as setting up a port forwarding ssh tunnel on my iPad and then reverse tunneling to a port on my laptop!

Oh good, something has gone wrong with the pinebook.

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Found a work around to get Space Giraffe working on the deck, and solved T4K crashing at launch. I’ll add some posts to the Steam Discussion Forums when I get home.

Portable Space Giraffe lads. YUS.

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It's good to remember happier times like when the Queen went to visit the Adam and Joe 6Music radio show

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Imagine that the last two people you have over your house are Bojo and Truss.

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