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This is the same country that provided education at all levels to counter 'fake news' and propaganda. twitter.com/McAuleyATL/status/

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Here is a song from the movie, for all the lovers of Shirdi Sai Baba. Let the spiritual guidance and positive energy fill our hearts with love and peace!


Fun thread😊
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When you died in Ancient Egypt, your soul had two options depending on how you conducted yourself while alive — Afterlife, or eternal death. But the judgement only came after you'd completed a trip through the Underworld.

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Life in India is like a non-stop Bollywood melodrama. No substance. All screeching and inappropriate behaviour.

12.03 in the a.m
Lurking insomnia
Got get back to reading books to utilise the times of insomnia

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संपूर्ण आत्मसमर्पण.

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It's not the content of this tweet that disturbs, it's the cloying superlatives that are used.

North Korean media could take lessons. twitter.com/rahulkanwal/status

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A new beginning @VBMusicLabel @VishalBhardwaj @rekha_bhardwaj

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Sambit Patra and Abhijit Iyer Mitra walk into a bar and set it lower.

We should try this here in India

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I just signed up for DefeatByTweet.org. Now every time Trump tweets, I will donate to Black-led organizers that will help win the swing states. You can pledge as little as 1¢ per tweet and can make a huge difference in the next election.

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"Trust in God but tether your camel."
- old Arab proverb outlining the subtle difference between being faithful and being an imbecile.

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That I do not have the mental bandwidth to survive plague + fascism + casteism + sexism. twitter.com/AngellicAribam/sta

Very scary, especially now in pandemic times
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If you haven’t already, watch The Salisbury Poisonings on @NetflixIndia

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