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85 per cent of the matter in the universe is made of something that isn’t atoms – and we have no clue what it is bit.ly/33OKInr

Laziness is the ultimate life hack.
Not that superficial "I'm not going to get up from my couch" laziness.

Deep and beautiful laziness, where you take good care of yourself and the people you love, understand the difference between needs and wants, and manage your energy well from moment to moment.

Tell a doctor that what he has written makes sense on neither the logical level nor the grammatical one and he will ask you what makes you an expert and the fact that correct grammar is just a way for liberals to establish their superiority.

This #handwriting I usually don't find in Indians
But is very Typical of Americans and Australians

Just like how there are different ways people speak english (#accent) based on where they come from
Has any one done a study as to how people write the Script
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Some days... life is crazy.

#oblife #medtwitter #obtwitter

To all joining this platform, a warm welcome. Apart from a brief intro using the #India & #Introduction tags, it would be nice if you could add a pic and brief bio into your profiles. Helps us to connect and interact.
#India #introduction #Pic #BriefBio

@jangrii Haha I’m sorry, I have had over hundreds of requests in the past days and I have also a few servers that I need to look after so it’s been a little hectic for me😝 Don’t take it personally, I love you all very much!♥️ I also have my work so I can pay for the server bills!

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The Pride that was India under PM Jawahar Lal Nehru. 🙏🏻
“To Other Countries I go as a Tourist, To India As a Pilgrim” Martin Luther King Jr.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/kukk44/status/1194

First thing you should know that is a decentralized social media platform.

That is the fundamental difference between of it from or .

A decentralized network, which means there is no central group with all of the power.

So here it is

I'm feeling quite strongly about being anchored in a community of similarly minded peers, so obviously fleeing twitter for here was an easy thing.

Took me days to write this intro because I needed a moment's pause and some mental clarity from above mentioned trauma and brain fog, to be able to do this. :P

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Tributes to our first PM and architect of modern India Pt . Replugging the transcript of his first broadcast to the nation as PM on All India Radio on September 3, 1947.

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Hotel car has a full fledged room air purifier installed. First time I'm seeing this.

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Remembering Pandit on his 130th birth anniversary. His immense contribution to the freedom struggle and the development of independent India can never be forgotten. 🙏🏽

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Homage to the first PM of India, a visionary leader and the architect of modern India, Pandit on his birth anniversary.

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What a rematch. What a comeback.

Champion mentality. Champion celebration.

@RafaelNadal@twitter.com |

That's Nadal for you 😁
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Fight, belief, and a touch of luck too...

@RafaelNadal gives his take on a crazy final set vs Medvedev 🤯


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Rare and of interest to binding folks - This tiny book was likely first a girdle book, dangling from reader's belt, then the leather extension was cut so it could live its life as a shelved book. First time I see this! (Basel UB A VII 68). Digitized: buff.ly/2CGceYw.

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"1000’s crowd around tree in , over rumors of its ‘miraculous healing powers’" @RT_com@twitter.com

Just imagine that Gandhi, Nehru etc brought us freedom, we got a choice to build our future and what India has chosen today! What a bunch of headless chicken can do!!

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