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Director Zakariya and writer Muhsin Parari of much acclaimed movie 'Sudani From Nigeria,' that won the Best Malayalam Film award, decides to stay away from the National Film Award function in protest against @IndianExpress

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You say love is a temple, love is a higher law
You ask me of me to enter, but then you make me crawl @U2

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Dear @jack why do you permit this serial sex offender to harass a minor female? twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/st

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@MasalaBai @GretaThunberg The girl is total Savage, and knows how to pull an Uber sly 😁

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I am making a movie...want to cast people from Twitter only.... please suggest 'handles' suitable for...
1. Lead Role (Male)
2. Lead Role (Female)
3. Negative Role
4. Comic Role
5. Badi Bahen
6. Babuji
7. Maa
8. Ramu Kaka
9. Padosan
10. NRI Uncle/Aunty

(Please RT)

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"It is clear where the majority lies and it is clear where the morality lies in this House."

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I know everyone is devastated.

I am not. I was waiting to be surprised but I'm coldly unsurprised. Britain formally joins the ranks of USA, Brazil, Turkey, India, Russia, Israel & the Phillipines, among others: vicious rightwing regimes voted in on ethnonationalism.

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One nation, one language, one religion, one party, one leader and... one telecom provider twitter.com/EconomicTimes/stat

the absolutely fabulous TM Krishna

Shlokam - Hemantha Kale | TM Krishna youtu.be/67zVzxIilPE via @YouTube

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Honestly @LEVIS is there no one else in the world who wants jeans in classic straight cut that's denim and not 900 percent lycra and one percent asphyxiation?

Some of don't want to die from poor circulation.

Or if you do make them can you stock them visibly please? @Levis_IN

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I belong to the mile Sur Mera Tumhara age.
This new India scares me

RT @ranjona
Even after the destruction of the Babri Masjid, even after the Mumbai riots, even after the Mumbai blasts, even after the Gujarat riots, even after the Mumbai terror attacks, i thought there was hope.
But now that the destroyers and murderers are in charge...
Tunnel. No light.

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What can a mere individual do when he or she sees the country or the world going in the wrong direction?

Imagine what a desirable world would look like and hold on to that vision.

It starts with imagining a better future. (And heck, it certainly beats being despondent.)

RT @ranjona
You never think, as you enter the last couple of decades of your life (give or take) that your country, indeed the planet, will be collapsing around you. It's a form of arrogance of course but i am deeply ashamed and unhappy of what we are leaving behind for the future.

The year is 2019 and the world is falling apart, especially India

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This too is India. Proud of citizens who stand up for constitutional values and risk massive attacks at this time. Shows the way, that while we are alive we must live.

cc:@npueu Drama - Robert Louis Stevenson: Terror in the South Seas, The Beach of Falesa - @BBCRadio4 bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0848rl2

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