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Time for an I suppose! I’m Vicky; I go by Victoria when I’m working, but I’m not doing that here. I’m an ex computer nerd turned parent-carer and designer currently in Surrey, UK. I’m fat, bi, and autistic, and proud of all those things. I like to dabble in gardening and sewing and am a bit of a foodie, when time and spoons allow. Music is too important to describe in mere words.

This week's big work job is finishing up a pattern and sending it to my tech editor. One problem: I can't finish it until I have photos, and I can't wear the garment in this heat. I tried yesterday and almost melted, even with the windows open and fan on.

If I don't get it done very soon, I won't be able to have a 4 month test window and will have to have a slightly shorter one if I want to release it at the perfect time.

Being out of sync with the seasons really does suck. Sigh, whinge.

! If you're interested in for or designing for fat bodies, I spent an hour chatting with Kristina and Sarah of Tech Tip Talk yesterday about exactly that. I get a bit opinionated, share tips and resources, and explain how my first garment pattern is coming out in a whopping 144 sizes (yes, really).

Went to the horse trust again this weekend and I kind of fell in love with a horse. Read about her online and discovered we have some shared trauma in our histories, and now between that and Kid getting her covid jab this morning I am all emotional and want to sit in a field with her & the horse & some knitting and just make sure they’re both safe and okay.

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imperial units / UK gov 

The UK government are doing a consultation about whether businesses should be allowed to label things in imperial units, now that we're free from EU restrictions. 🙄

Respond here if you think it's a terrible idea (open til 26th August):

Kid’s vaccination went about as well as I dared hope it might. She did such an amazing job.

I’ve had a really productive week: had the car serviced & knit a swatch while I waited; got it blocked, photographed, and wrote up the pitch it goes with; mapped out the launch posts for Roseability (my first garment pattern); did the photoshoot for the second Roseability sample; updated the Roseability pattern file with the new photos and an improved schematic; created 2 new reels for the launch content; created the test feedback survey; wrote a blog post & drafted an idea for another; went to Sports Day; updated my bookkeeping spreadsheet, including creating 2 pivot tables & a pivot graph to track revenue growth. And I’m not done yet - Kid gets her first Covid vax in the morning. Might just sleep through Sunday!

Had to spend 2.5 hours waiting while the car was serviced, so I took some knitting and got plenty done. Really happy with it but can't share because it's a swatch for a magazine pitch (something I'm trying out this year).

Accidentally graded a whole pattern today instead of just fleshing it out enough to swatch & pitch. Oops?

Got quite a bit done today but bizarrely it feels like I’ve sat around and done nothing? Probably because I just watched a film and for once actually watched it rather than having it on while doing some kind of work.

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So if your email is, when registering type and the emails will still reach you. Then when you get scams you can check the "to:" field of emails and find out where they got your address.

(You can test it; email yourself!)

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I took new headshots today. I loathe being photographed, it feels so forced and fake. But I needed one of me *smiling*, so, here we are. I can’t say what they’re for just yet, but it’s friendly creative professional. Which would you choose?

Today I ran some errands, took some headshots, and was astounded at the rudeness of someone who asked for help after being given the help they asked for. It’s quite upset me and unfortunately I have a full face of makeup on, so I’m trying really hard not to cry a little bit.

After getting the kitchen sorted out at the weekend I finally have space to get out my espresso machine! Strangely I don’t use it much in the winter - I can’t be bothered to faff with hot milk - but in the summer I love making iced lattes. Got it cleaned and pulled the first cup today, all systems are go!

Deep cleaned and re-arranged the entire kitchen today, including decluttering a counter that was our designated “misc shit goes here” spot. I’m sweaty and gross and thoroughly pleased with myself, especially since I made room to get my espresso machine out again. Iced coffees this summer!

Idlewild is out today!

It's an elegant cowl that's longer in the front than the back, making it perfect for those in between Spring days, or for adding interest to a simple outfit.

Just did a sewn bind off that took 3.5 hours and I’m not allowed to show anyone until like… January 😭

Been quiet lately as I have a pattern launch coming up, a secret commission to work on, and some home life stuff keeping me busy. Everything interesting is not shareable! Oh well. was fun eh? I didn’t like our entry one bit. Sweden & Spain were much better.

Got my Tax Return reminder this morning, filled it in this evening. Gold stars and cookies please!

I actually love doing it each year; I worked for an accountant in my teens doing returns for small businesses, so I know how to get it done fuss-free.

It's also great to see my income has almost doubled compared to last year. It's great progress; there's plenty more work to be done, but I don't expect success to appear overnight and am happy with what's been achieved so far. 🥳​

Working through the first sleeve - very slowly, as Kid is once again under the weather and off school. Sigh.

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Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

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