Statuesque. New photo series up. You know where to find it.

Changed up my hair! I wanted a look that would signal to other queers, make children think I might be magic and adult men fear me. I think I've achieved that.

#J20: Close the Camps

A call to protest against detainments at ICE detention centers, ICE field offices, and police stations that cooperate with ICE on January 20.

#AbolishICE #StopFamilySeparation

New photo series up on my OF! Just me and a bed sheet playing with the afternoon sun through my bedroom window.

Found the most amazing chair at the thrift store and its already a hit with the kitties.

A peek inside my bedroom. Full series available on only fans. 100% of subscriber fees donated to bail funds and mutual aid.

Went exploring for a photo shoot. Here's some shots of the location, an abandoned power plant in Philadelphia, PA.

There exist thousands of mirrors that reflect me. With every acquaintance I make, the population of phantoms resembling me increases. I alone exist only for myself.

Your eyes are like a mirror: what you see in me is a reflection of you

@Smolpox got me this Doomsie from Helvak for Christmas and it is over for all of you. I am a pajama Sith Lord forever now.

Selfies that could be the album art for the new wave band I'm not in.... yet....

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