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**After three vote counts, Georgia to certify results again**

"Joe Biden will again be declared the winner of Georgia as time runs out on Trump’s efforts to overturn the results."

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IAC movement was just like a man made disaster for India by some opportunist crook leaders to fulfill their political desire. Its after effect still we can see in the form Modi government.
During this movement also, I was unaffected as I knew that this was just to create a way to fulfill thier wish.

I think this tweet burnt many AK fans & they came in folk to lecture me how we need both.

I have my own conviction to say that in the above tweet, this is one reminder!

Definitely you have your own beliefs to trust him, but we can agree to disagree

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Unkil you aren't winning a medal. You're wearing a pin which I have also worn in fourth standard.

Now we know why Sanghis call their site Tooter. Clean plagiarism from Mastodon’s toots

So you expected Sanghi to be original? 🙄

Now digest this ->
Greece is getting in buy one get one free scheme 🧐
India paid 3 times higher price, no extra feature, no technology transfer, HAL kicked out.

Read link.

Chowkidar chor hai...

Greece to Buy 10 Rafale Jets, Receive 8 More as ‘Donation’ from France

I wonder if I should admit to being a twitter refugee, now that twitter has suspended my account. Twitter has many problems, but you do get to hear those you disagree with. I hope this isn't an echo chamber!

Here's a story that describes what happened:

And here's one that gloats over my suspension:

The rest is upto you :-)

**Palestinian teen dies after being beaten by Israeli soldiers**

"Director of medical centre says Snobar died of neck injuries sustained while being beaten by Israeli forces."

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**UK to boost ability to handle space threat from Russia, China**

"Report says Prime Minister Johnson also set to overhaul UK treason laws to counter threats posed by Moscow and Beijing."

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RT @Being_royals
Ambulance are Charging 6K
Hospital Charging - 15k-20K Per Day @AmdavadAMC Failed Not Giving Approval to Private Laboratory for Testing and Then Bjp people are showing Mumbai Condition atleast they are doing testing Not Like Failed Gujarat Model

RT @johriamrita
I live on the outer ring road in Delhi. Everyday HUNDREDS of people are walking on this route towards UP. It's 3 am, heard a kid crying, came out & counted 27 people in 2-3 mins. Bags on their back, bundle on head, pulling kids along. It's 2020 we can't organise buses? #SHAME

**Denmark's female imam: 'We challenge the structure from within'**

"Sherin Khankan, who opened the women's Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen, believes the concept of reform is inherent to Islam."

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In Goa Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff actually made to stand outside the hospital for the #PhoolBarse ceremony, while they should be all frantically need to do their job. Indian stupidity is unparalleled.

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