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The music and magic will live forever. Thank you @_KennyRogers for the wonderful music of our teens

Fcuk! Cases rises rapidly today. From 217 about an hour ago to 237 (just checked). Very depressing. Heard Dr Kumar from Ganga Ram on NDTV just now, he says we’re looking at a China/Italy like situation and there should be a COMPLETE shutdown. Stay at home, folks!


What I find unacceptable is spending 3000 Crore on a statue, 4000 Crore on Kumbh, 1000 Crore on beautifying Varanasi, God knows how many thousand Crore for the Ram temple BUT we have just 61 labs to test the virus, for God's sake !! And not one of them built since 2014.



Fair trial would have been to do to them exactly what they did to Nirbhaya. Anything less is unfair.

Justice Manmohan makes a strong remark against Advocate AP Singh's arguments:
"The time is close for your client to meet God. Why waste our time? We have no time"


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First they killed a Judge & then they realised if Judges to be killed there are too many, so they changed strategy and started killing justice system.

Lord Ram helps only those who help themselves. Please self-quarantine away from that risky gathering

So far-5 Indian companies with covid-19 test kits- Trivitron, Huwel, Xcyton, Mylab, MolBio-all waiting for kits to be validated

• China cases-by Dec end
• India 1st case-by Jan 30
Months gone-no Indian test kit in mkt
What was govt doing?
• US-only 24 hrs to validate tests, approve

Telephone call data of Indians being snooped into by the surveillance state run by the BJP Government of India

Anand Sharma addresses media at Parliament House

From childhood, we Indians breathe in black soot from traffic, digest germs+ dust liberally with street-food, phuchka, golgappa, paanipuri, ganne ka raas, khullad chai

It is tough for bacteria + virus to fell us

The next two weeks are crucial for India as we enter a phase of exponential Coronavirus transmission.

Social distancing and washing of hands can play a major role in containing the virus and saving lives.

Let’s all be conscientious and careful for each others’ sake.

BJP Bank Loot continues unabated. Simultaneously dipping into reserves of Reserve Bank of India

Besharm PrimeMinister of India, learn from other heads of state despite your dyslexia

All global leaders are pledging support to their citizens. And YOU are busy

• bringing down democratically elected MadhyaPradesh government
• imposing excise hike on fuel despite global crude crashing
• raising platform ticket tax instead of shutting platform entry
• hiking GST on mobilephones which are already unaffordable >64GB for Indians thank to your looting India. They bought 128GB/ 256GB earlier

Qantas confirmed that all international flights will be suspended from late March and two-thirds of its staff will be temporarily stood down due to the coronavirus outbreak

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