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Hindutva has destroyed history

like it’s destroying India

If the Waqf board allows us, we Hindus will contribute to the building of the mosque

It could be even more beautiful than/ like the blue mosque of Instanbul

It will be the beginning of the defeat and decimation of BJP

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9 November 2019

legalises vandalism of its 1528 architecture +orders a temple to be built atop the razed mosque

restores history by opening the Kartarpur Corridor to facilitate the visit of Sikh pilgrims from India to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib

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We may not have the blue skies of Turkey or the blue Marmara Sea

But we can definitely have the Blue Mosque in Ayodhya

Without wasting money on gold bricks to build temple


Like feminism angle added in history in very later stage analyze it through Conteprary issues.
Did Mughals have such record of powerful and influential "feminist" voices in decision making of female oriented ordinances apart from Mahem Anga and Shah Begum Banu?

I read somewhere that elderly Royal women played significant role in reducing wars between princes. How were they effective in external matter?

You're right... Given the Credentials of those Occupying the Chair of Prime Minister and Home Minister, Pragya Thakur on Defence Panel shouldn't be a Shock or even Surprise...
A PM accused of Snooping, Rioting, Fake degrees is PM in BJP govt.

A Tadipar, kidnapping, fake encounter accused is Home Minister.

A hate-monger, attempt to murder accused is CM in BJP ruled state.

A Terror accused is …

@vidyut @dpanjana
NCR is the tipping point.
If people don't rise now, then there is no hope at all.
All freedom fighters gave their lives and comforts in vain.
And we just let our nation be put to flames by imbeciles.

"It is unfortunate for the country that an MP accused of spreading terror has been nominated as member of a defence-related committee,” Congress spokesperson said in a tweet.

I just added another 5 extra themes 😄 We have 10 themes in total now!

Liberals need to watch out for their own careless Islamophobia - Amulya's column is a good read

The only acceptable Muslim is the post-faith Muslim, or someone willing to run down their community.

In my friends circles & among peers, I see many like him 👇

"This stuff is not always about memories of trauma, it is mass-manufactured mythology. Someone I know in Kerala, who has inherited no psychic injury from any invasion or riot, is a library of Islamophobic stereotypes."

"As Hindus, we can see the distinctions between our quietly praying grandmothers, people who loudly talk up their faith, those who have a political view of religion, and those accused of violent acts in its name. So let’s be consistent in our standards."

She is spot on here!

Filing Papers, Travelling, Going for Verification: After Tedious NRC Task, Another Exercise is Betrayal to Assam

The NRC itself was not discriminatory, but there were room for discrimination as verification officers had arbitrary power

Via Aman Wadud

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PM Modi had said Pragya Singh Thakur comments were “detrimental to society”and that he "won’t be able to pardon her with my heart"

Well by nominating her to the Parliamentary Consultative Committee, he has just shown he doesn't care.



Rabbits before lawyers, tigers before JNU

JNU students and teachers came under police canes and boots on a day the students marched 10km towards Parliament demanding a rollback of hiked hostel fees that they say two in five boarders cannot afford.

Rabbits before lawyers, tigers before JNU

students and teachers came under police canes and boots on a day the students marched 10km towards Parliament demanding a rollback of hiked hostel fees that they say two in five boarders cannot afford.

**US has world's highest rate of children in detention: UN study**

"More than 100,000 children are being held in migration-related detention in the US, a new UN study finds."

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“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”
― Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws

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