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Karuna go back. Go back Karuna.

Modi go back. Go back Modi.

The second makes immensely more sense

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Ambulance are Charging 6K
Hospital Charging - 15k-20K Per Day @AmdavadAMC Failed Not Giving Approval to Private Laboratory for Testing and Then Bjp people are showing Mumbai Condition atleast they are doing testing Not Like Failed Gujarat Model

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I live on the outer ring road in Delhi. Everyday HUNDREDS of people are walking on this route towards UP. It's 3 am, heard a kid crying, came out & counted 27 people in 2-3 mins. Bags on their back, bundle on head, pulling kids along. It's 2020 we can't organise buses? #SHAME

**Denmark's female imam: 'We challenge the structure from within'**

"Sherin Khankan, who opened the women's Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen, believes the concept of reform is inherent to Islam."

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In Goa Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff actually made to stand outside the hospital for the #PhoolBarse ceremony, while they should be all frantically need to do their job. Indian stupidity is unparalleled.


Time for to ensure that his government does something for Indians. Transfer the PM cares funds to the states & work for the people not just make demands



No limit to the fake news&hate propaganda that the Bhakts spew. They falsely accused Kashtkari Sangathan leaders as being Christian&behind the Palghar lynching& then posted photos of TISS profs who were totally unconnected! Clear case for FIR


Please don’t poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea.

The Monk who sold out for Ferraris...

**Boycotting Israeli dates is working and we need to keep going**

"This Ramadan, make the right choice and do not buy dates from companies that exploit Palestinian land and labour."

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Story of a medical officer of #Gujarat
I am Rupal,a medical officer working for for #Covid19. I started feeling sick but was kept on duty when I was demanding checkup. I have now been detected #corona positive & am being treated as trash at #SVP hospital #Gujarat 1/2

**US ambassador to South Korea discussing plans to resign: Sources**

"Harry Harris, a 40-year US Navy veteran, has reportedly expressed frustration with the tensions and drama of his tenure."

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**Cats can catch coronavirus, study finds, prompting WHO probe**

"Study published in the Science journal also found cats can infect each other via respiratory droplets."

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Do you know why 1200 saal ki gulami??

Leader is watching Ramayana while there is Mahabharata on the streets.

When Rome was burning, Nero was playing flute...

Hope you have got the answer.


We hv seen Panna Pramukh addressing nation
Raat 8Baje..

Seen FM addressing Financial issues

DM Rajnath addressing Border issues

Amid Chaos across Nation, HomeMinister is missing,

It's high time
people of country asking

#WhereIsAmitShah ?


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