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Break the backs of bigotry, not men.

If you were suddenly at the mercy of a bunch of yous who hate you, and they can do whatever they want to you, what would they do? What would yous do to you? The first step is to acknowledge the monster.

If you identify as a part of any caste, fuck you and whoever raised you.

Sometimes you have to acknowledge that something is trash and then put it out.

Friendly medical tip: Do not eat shit even if someone asks you to.

Had a great lunch with @Deepsealioness yesterday! Discussing fascism and how to defeat it pairs well with payasam. Oh, and beers in the parking lot.
She is a true inspiration, guys❣️ 🤗

Down, up, sideways or internally
- so many ways to expand

Becky with the good hair by day
Frizz and dry lips by afternoon
Medusa and acne cream by night

- The Transformation

Friendly medical tip: Don't go bananas, just eat one

Apps I use for Mastodon, and I've tried mostly all of them now. (Free!)

For Android devices: Tusky
For Apple devices: Tootle
PC/Mac: Mastodon website

@stux @Gargron

If you're slim and shady, you have to stand up twice.

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Obsessed with scented candles rn, I'm going to put them all over the house. Are they a fire hazard? Yes. But at least I'll smell nice when i burn down everything

Friendly medical tip: Remove the thorn in your flesh before it removes you from it.

Friendly medical tip: Do not drink the Kool-Aid

Friendly medical tip: Boost your soul’s immunity with this one weird trick: Fight fascism

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“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Friendly medical tip: Do not drown in a stream of your own consciousness. The dry land of hard reality needs you more.

@Gargron You are amazing. Thank you so much for giving us a fascist-free space to fight Hindutva oppression in India. Indian Twitter employees are mostly uppercaste Hindus who allow free reign to abusive Hindi tweets. Soooo toxic. This site is such a psychological boost to those of us who just want equality and justice in the third world. Thank you again. God bless ❤️

Friendly medical tip: It's better to spit the truth.

Friendly medical tip: If you're a thirsty bitch, drink some water.

Friendly medical tip: Swallowing a lie gives you diarrhea

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