After reading news about India situation, also the stupidity of Modi govt on every count ( be it economy or employment or handling covid) , I feel my decision to leave India was a wise one.

I have no regret leaving India story behind me.

@Amber Having visited India many times for work, I have gotten to appreciate it for what it is. However, there is so much potential that is not taken advantage of for various reasons, be it structural, sociological, corruption, etc.

Given the vast resources available, there is really no reason why it's not more successful than it is.

@Amber I'm based in France and we're (just a bit LMAOOOOO) really in a terrible situation about Covid 😅
We're still in lockdown, because we don't have enought vaccine for our population and the virus was dangerous in every parts of France.
No, actually we have vaccine but we export all of our vaccine in England (because the british government paid a lot) but it makes me nervous to see England is feeling better than us by using French vaccine (which is good of course) and we don't have anything!

@Amber , Arre wah... Tu kahan se aa gayi chhoti... Where have you been?

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