Hello Friends
Good Morning, Happy Sunday to all...

@Amber, Hello Chikoo, good morning, where have you been???

@Amber , Hi chikoo , Good morning..where have you been...
Why no toots no whereabouts?

@Bhavika , Hey my sweetooo didi... Nothing special was busy a bit in family affairs and job search ... Our country is not Europe where you can get money from govt if you lose your job...

Aur batao kaisa chal raha hai.... Bhakt brigade ke kya haal hai

@Amber , Ok.. hope all is well with family & friends..
Did you get job?

Bhakts are missing your attention

@Amber what happened bhai . what is the meaning of this silence

@Amber i know just used that .as you are much better than so many coward bhaiooo

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