Around 200 rape convicts are in Parliament, indicating that our society considers rape-like incidents as normal as eating bread.

Such an evil society we are. Sometimes I feel embarrassed I am born in this country. Shame.

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@Amber replace sometimes with always, and that would be my view of this country. No matter how much we protest, our own society is filled with people who are sick, violent, hateful & regressive...& many times the absolute worst lot from these people becomes our representative in the parliament.

@itsbhavikjoshi, Isn't it amazing how heinous crime like rape became "normal" for us? Just we brush our teeth we take meals three times a day we go out for job we sleep just like that rape has been accepted!!!!! 😬😬😬 What kind of country is this??

@Amber People are quite ok with everything evil, as long as its not happening with them.
I remember the outrage around the "Nirbhaya" incident, the worry, concern & protests as if people wanted it all to end then & there, only to see this day where rapes are often not even mentioned as a matter of concern! Just like that, it becomes a routine matter!
Today I can say it was all done to feed political agenda because its clear they never really cared.
Something is seriously wrong with us.

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