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I find myself wondering what it would be like to live in a fully functional country.
A country which has social security payments, a country where health care is accessible to all, a country where universal education is the reality, a country were harassment is not the norm...

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Can I post screen shots of your toot on Twitter 😂😂

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Good morning friends!

Enjoy the rainy Sunday ☔
with pakoda & chai..have fun!

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हराम खोर भाजपाईयो को 15th अगस्त पर भाषण पेलने के लिये और कुछ तो है नहीं ....तो बिना प्रोटोकॉल का पालन किये करोना वैक्सीन के लांच का ऐलान कर दिया। उल्लू के पठ्ठे 😝

क्या सभी प्रकार के मानव परिक्षणों की रिपोर्ट आ गई है ?

भूतनी वालों से चूतियापा करवा लो रात दिन का।

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Zermatt, Switzerland, paid tribute to the United States by projecting on American flag onto famed Swiss Alps mountain the Matterhorn 🇺🇸🏔


People who are not raising their voice in this crucial time or supporting a fascist government are equally criminal as this government is.

History will never forgive those who chose to remain mute on brutality of the BJP government, corruption of the BJP Government and fascism of the BJP government.

Next generation will write their names as traitors of India.

Hey my lovely friends @mstdn
It's a rainy morning 🌧🌨☔ out here

You also enjoy this rainy Sunday!

Stay safe stay happy 😊

Good morning! 🤗😚

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@Amber jab tak IT cell,news channels aur social media mei paisley fekta rahega, tb tk safe rahega itna samaj gya hai koi.

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@Amber their plan is to brainwash the next generation with the same false dose of gobarbhakti

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#ShameOnPatra who thinks grassroots Ladakhi Congress workers are not voices from Ladakh.

His bosses likewise jailed all the elected Kashmiri MPs & MLAs because they are not from BJP-RSS



You use Congress workers to demean our ARMY by spreading lies and canards while Our Prime Minister was in the Front encouraging our Jawans ...
You don’t deserve to be a leader!!


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Doing cheap politics over National Security is not good for the "Nation".

Accept the reality and then take action, instead of doing "Nautanki".


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@Amber Good morning.... You become active only on weekends ???

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@Amber true and gradually will sell out everything .India wl b known as MortgageIndia.....bloody voters wl forget skill India,Moving India,Start Up India,Shining India pata nahi kitne India by ths feku ..all gone in mud. Made hell.

भूतनी वाला हरामखोर नरेंद्र मोदी एक अपराधी है मादर₹चोd ...

ये पूंजी पतियों के पैसों का सहारा लेकर मीडिया को बांट रहा है अपनी जय जयकार करा रहा है ।

पूंजीपतियों के बिजनेस को बढ़ावा देने के लिए सरकारी संपत्तियां बेच रहा है

पूंजी पतियों के लोन माफ करा रहा है जो माफ करा हुआ अमाउंट है वो टैक्सपेयर के ऊपर डाल रहा है ।

यह पूरी तरीके से एक गद्दार है जिसने भारत माता की धरती का सौदा कर दिया यह बोलकर कि ना कोई आया है ना कोई कब्जा हुआ है। गांडू साला....

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It's clear why there were no visible medical equipment, no drips & no injuries on any soldier

It's also clear why there is a screen, projector & dining in the same hall

Shame on #ModiLies
There's no Feku without fakery
The rot is at the top


Hello friends

Good morning to you all

Love & Hugs ❤️😚

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जो भी आज के बाद चाइनीस पकौड़ियां ( मंचूरियन )
चाइनीस सैवियों ( नूड्ल्स) के साथ खाएगा वह देशद्रोही कहलाएगा ....



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